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Table of Contents

Chapter: Why Learn Nagios? Centralized Pollers In Theory And Practice

Introduction To Nagios

03m 59s

Fixes That Cause More Problems

04m 18s

Centralized Polling: The Final Answer

04m 21s

About The Author

02m 41s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Hosts And Services; Reality Through The Eyes Of Nagios

Hosts, Services, And Plug-Ins

06m 58s

Server Side Vs Client-Side Plug-Ins And Remote Execution

05m 25s

Active Polling Vs Passive Checks

05m 44s

People (Contacts, Contact Groups, And Notification Commands)

05m 31s

Chapter: Lets Kick This Pig; Installing And Configuration

Configuration Layout And Templating

07m 6s

Groups, Secrets, And Custom Attributes

07m 31s


04m 56s

Configuring Nagios

06m 4s

Automating The Configuration

05m 13s

Chapter: Data-In; Data Collection Tools

Installing NRPE

07m 18s

Installing NCPA

06m 10s

Chapter: Nagios At Scale; Distribute All The Things

Scaling Theory

05m 43s

Wiring Up NRDP To NCPA

06m 19s

Large-Scale Nagios With Mod-Gearman

05m 36s

Chapter: Data-Out; Hooks, And Data Export Strategies

Performance Data And Time Series

05m 52s

PNP4Nagios And RRDTool

08m 54s

Graphios And Librato

07m 33s

StatsD And Graphite

05m 17s

Neighborly Nagios

05m 28s

Chapter: By Any Other Name; Forks, And Nagios-Based Or Nagios-Compatible Projects

Icinga: Nagios Forked

06m 19s

OMD: Nagios Repackaged

05m 7s

Sensu: Nagios Reimagined And Conclusion

07m 53s