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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What You Will Learn

05m 43s

About The Author

03m 20s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Drawing Navigation

See What You Want, When You Want To - Named Views

06m 37s

Changing The Way You Look At Things - DView

05m 44s

Viewports Are Not Just For Paper Space - Tiled Viewports In Model Space

07m 36s

Advanced Navigation Tools

06m 34s

Chapter: Advanced Operations

Doing More With The Application Menu

05m 9s

CAD With Both Hands - Windows Based Keyboard Shortcuts

08m 3s

A Little Help Goes A Long Way - Construction Lines And Rays

06m 50s

Solids And Donuts

07m 50s

Draw Twice As Much In Half The Time - Multi Lines

06m 47s

Advanced Polyline And Spline Editing

09m 18s


05m 19s

Using The User Coordinate System

08m 22s

Chapter: Advanced Tools

Align And 3D Align - Lining Up Complex Objects

06m 3s

Lengthen - Making Objects Longer

05m 29s

Join - Bringing Two Objects Together

04m 40s

Revision Cloud - Showing Others Where Your Drawing Changed

06m 20s

Quick Select - Quickly Apply Selection Filters To Get What You Want

04m 35s

Filters - Create And Save Filter Lists For Your Selections

06m 36s

Rename Tool - A Block By Any Other Name, Is Still A Block

03m 58s

Divide - Measure

05m 42s

Quick Calculator

05m 2s

Select Similar - Pick It Once

02m 44s

Add Selected - Why Start A Command When You Do Not Have To

02m 52s

Chapter Project

05m 17s

Chapter: Object Visibility

Hide, Isolate, And End Isolation On Selected Objects

03m 52s

Transparency - Old Things Just Fade Away

03m 35s

Linetype Scale - Scale Size Is Relative

04m 3s

Draw Order

03m 55s

Chapter: Annotation

Advanced Text Features

07m 1s

Import Text - Can I Copy Your Notes?

02m 55s

Fields - If You Link It, The Text Will Come

06m 52s

Advanced Table Features

08m 51s

Annotative Scaling - One Text To Rule Them All

04m 31s

Chapter Project

04m 15s

Chapter: Sheet Sets

What Are Sheet Sets And How Do I Use Them?

04m 26s

Creating Sheet Sets

04m 45s

Using Fields To Get Sheet Set Data

04m 46s

Drawing Properties

07m 49s

Advanced Sheet Set Features

08m 23s

Publishing From Sheet Sets

05m 50s

Chapter: Output

Plotting With PC3 Files

04m 51s

Plotting With CTB Files

06m 9s

Plotting With STB Files

03m 48s

Publisher-Batch Plotting - Plot Everything At Once

04m 28s

Animation - Camera Views, Pathways, Create And Output

05m 39s

Chapter: Using Data

Xref - What, When And How?

06m 43s

Attach And Overlay - Circular References

04m 20s

Visually Displaying Your Referenced Data

04m 42s

Binding - When Your Reference Is Not A Reference Anymore

03m 7s

Xclip - Getting Picky About Your Reference

03m 42s

Managing Xrefs - DWF, DGN, JPG, TIF, PDF And DWG

04m 8s

Linking Data From OLE Objects

04m 27s

Reference Manager - An Often Unknown Tool

06m 19s

Linking And Extracting Data

07m 2s

Chapter: Dynamic Blocks

Know The Power Of Dynamic Blocks

06m 31s

Implementing Dynamic Blocks In Your Drawing

04m 12s

Creating Dynamic Blocks

09m 4s

Action, Parameters, Parameter Sets And Constraints

07m 53s

Testing In The Block Editor

04m 32s

Chapter Project

09m 53s

Chapter: Parametric Constraints

Constraining Your Data To Ensure Its Quality

03m 37s

Exploring The Different Types Of Constraints

03m 50s

Creating Constraints In Your Model

03m 22s

Using Constraints In The Design Process

06m 22s

Managing Constraints In Your Files

07m 30s

Chapter: Action Recorder

Action Recorder - Do It Once, Why Do It Again?

03m 21s

Editing Recorded Actions

05m 14s

Running And Managing Recorded Actions

04m 36s

Chapter: Customization

Customizing AutoCAD With The CUI

03m 19s

Creating Commands

08m 50s

Create And Customize Toolbars And Menus

05m 57s

Customizing The Ribbon

06m 32s

Customizing Workspaces

05m 1s


03m 2s

Mouse Buttons - Get Five If You Can

06m 9s

Quick Properties

03m 22s

PGPFile - Keyboard Commands

07m 22s

Script Files

11m 41s

Tool Pallets - Using, Adding Content And Loading

07m 25s

Custom Linetypes

07m 46s

Using the System Variables Monitor

03m 26s

Chapter: File Management

New Features Overview

02m 21s

Template Files - Working With And Creating Them

05m 3s

Saving Files

03m 27s

Help And Other Resources

03m 33s

CAD Standard Files - Keep Track Of Your Settings

06m 46s

Errors And Crashes - Audit, Recover And Recover All

05m 17s

Backup Files And Autosave

06m 27s

Design Center

04m 31s

Secure Load

04m 21s

Chapter: Introduction To 3D Design

3D Modeling - Solids, Primitives, Surfaces And Meshes

09m 23s

3D Operations - Boolean Edits, Extrude, Sweep, Loft, Revolve And Slice Section

10m 50s

Working With 3D Surfaces And Mesh Objects

08m 59s

Navigating In 3D - Dynamic UCS, Gizmos And 3D Orbit

10m 29s

Visual Styles

08m 19s

Rendering - Materials, Process, Time And Output

08m 52s

Material Library

05m 45s

3D Associative Array

03m 24s

3D Selections

03m 21s

Model Documentation - Base Views

04m 7s

Model Documentation - Drawing Views-Sections And Details

04m 47s

Chapter: Autodesk Cloud Services

What Is The Cloud?

01m 28s

Online Account And Documents

07m 20s

AutoCAD 360

05m 10s

Design Feed

05m 58s

Sharing And Collaboration

04m 18s

Cloud Manager Controls

04m 41s

Rendering In The Cloud

03m 27s

Autodesk Exchange Applications

04m 55s

Geographic Locations And Autodesk Maps Service

04m 29s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

04m 51s