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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

05m 31s

A First Look At The Tools Required

07m 17s

About The Author

04m 49s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Your First C++ Program

Creating Your First C++ Program

08m 16s

Installing A C++ Compiler

06m 45s

Compiling And Running Your Program

08m 48s

Introduction To The Main Function Of A C++ Program

05m 45s

Dealing With Program Arguments

08m 25s

Hands On - Enhancing Our Hello World C++ Program

07m 37s

Chapter: C++ Language Elements


03m 49s

Primitive Language Data Types

07m 50s

Using Variables

07m 40s

Introduction To Operators And Operator Precedence

06m 3s

Introduction To Control Flow, Part 1

11m 55s

Introduction To Control Flow, Part 2

08m 21s

Statements And Expressions

11m 18s

Using Include Files With Multiple Files

10m 15s

Hands On – Programming A Basic Calculator

11m 57s

Chapter: Testing C++ Programs

Testing In C++

04m 39s

Introduction To Testing

11m 25s

Introduction To libunittest Testing

12m 37s

Introduction To UnitTest++ Testing

08m 51s

Introduction To Google Test

12m 2s

Hands On - Programming with Tests

13m 1s

Chapter: Functions

Chapter Overview

03m 34s

A Function Primer

08m 47s

Function Scopes

06m 40s

Unit Testing Functions

12m 35s

Function Best Practices

08m 30s

Hands On – Programming With Functions

10m 21s

Chapter: Pointers, Arrays, And References

C++ And Memory

04m 18s

C++ Pointers

06m 46s

Allocating And Deallocating Memory

09m 18s

Pointers, References, And Value Types

04m 0s

Pointers In C++11

09m 16s

Hands On – Pointers And Heap Allocation In C++11

06m 59s

Chapter: Classes, Structs And Object-Oriented Programming

Chapter Overview

03m 25s

Structs And Classes

10m 56s

Using Structs And Classes

11m 1s

Object-Oriented Programming

11m 35s

Namespaces - The C++ Module System

04m 14s

Hands On – Designing With Class - Part 1

07m 53s

Hands On – Designing With Class - Part 2

07m 8s

Chapter: Templates And Generic Programming

A Motivating Example

05m 13s

Template Functions

05m 3s

Template Classes

09m 34s

Generic Programming Case Study

08m 23s

Hands On – Generic Programming - Part 1

09m 26s

Hands On – Generic Programming - Part 2

05m 22s

Chapter: The Standard Template Library

Chapter Overview

03m 7s

STL Overview

10m 17s

STL Containers - Part 1

10m 7s

STL Containers - Part 2

07m 26s

STL Iterators

07m 50s

STL Algorithms - Part 1

07m 43s

STL Algorithms - Part 2

07m 3s

Lambdas And Function Objects - Part 1

11m 23s

Lambdas And Function Objects - Part 2

05m 39s

Chapter: Error Handling In C++

Basic Error Handling

06m 57s

Introduction To Exceptions

08m 16s

Introduction To STL Exceptions

04m 43s

Programming With Exceptions

07m 50s

Hands On – Programming With Exceptions

07m 51s

Chapter: Makefiles

Anatomy of a Makefile

08m 40s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

04m 32s