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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part I: Welcome to the Course


05m 1s

Chapter: Part II: Problem Solving

Spot Need

03m 55s

Chapter: Part III: Fear

Face Worries

05m 1s

Chapter: Part IV: Preparation

Develop Your Optimism and Positivity featuring Dr. Maria Sirois

19m 14s

Assess Thinking Styles: Yours and The Organization's

19m 24s

Earn Credibility and Trust featuring Dr. Linda Stroh

14m 29s

Know Your Organization featuring Dr. Adam M. Grant

23m 25s

Diagnose What's Really Holding The Organization Back from Acting featuring Maria DeCarvalho

48m 38s

Chapter: Part V: Framing Ideas

Frame The Issue

11m 25s

Chapter: Part VI: Enlist Support

Do It Together: Find Your 10% Supporters featuring Jeffrey Davis

24m 5s

Harness the Collective Wisdom and Energy of Your Supporters featuring Tenneson Woolf

20m 31s

Manage Your Boss featuring Dr. Adam M. Grant

17m 36s

Chapter: Part VII: Communicate Like an Activist

Activate Supporters by Holding Amazing Brainstorming and Ideation Sessions

15m 37s

Create a Word of Mouth Marketing Campaign to Sell Your Idea Internally

14m 52s

Chapter: Part VIII: Use Conflict Productively

Listen and Deliver Difficult Messages featuring Maria DeCarvalho

31m 3s

Manage Your Emotions and Anger featuring Dr. Paul Furey

26m 38s

Master the Meeting featuring Brice Challamel

39m 7s

Handle Common Objections

09m 4s

Chapter: Part IX: Taking Stock of Progress

Reassess and Refine

06m 1s

Chapter: Part X: Succeed or Quit

Should You Keep Going or Is It Time to Quit?

09m 23s

Recover and Learn from Setbacks and Failures featuring Peter Vander Auwera

23m 6s

Chapter: Part XI: Parting Shots

Rebel Wisdom: Parting Shots

11m 23s