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Table of Contents

Welcome to the Course

02m 9s

What is a Web App?

05m 9s

Web Views on Android

08m 13s

Android Versions and Platforms

07m 9s

Web App Distribution

04m 48s

Basic Components of an Android App

10m 23s

The Weather App Project

02m 26s

Installing Android Studio

03m 9s

Working with Android Studio

08m 19s

Structure of an Android Project

08m 13s

Viewports and Densities

08m 16s

Android SDK Emulators

14m 53s

Genymotion Emulators

05m 38s

Running Our App

07m 54s

Working with Remote Devices

05m 56s

Setting Up the Web View

17m 38s

Using Local Files with JavaScript

17m 50s

Launcher Icons

12m 54s

Basic Template

16m 25s

Refreshing the Web View Easily

10m 20s

Finishing the Design

10m 20s

Accessing Web Services

11m 45s

JavaScript to Java Bridge

16m 10s

The Back Button with SPA

08m 40s

Toolbar and Native Menus

11m 5s

Android Integration

07m 17s

Local Storage

11m 20s

Reading Local Files

14m 5s


04m 51s

Talking with other Native Apps

10m 16s

Cordova Introduction

05m 45s

Cordova Plugins

02m 52s

Project Crosswalk

03m 37s

Package and Sign APK for Store's Distribution

07m 41s

Publishing to Google Play Store

09m 11s

Publishing to Other Stores

06m 52s