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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 23s

Review of Beginner Course

12m 14s

Chapter: Types

Nullable Arithmetic

26m 13s

Generic Collections

37m 51s

Enumerated Types

23m 23s

Chapter: Exception Handling

Exception handling

32m 48s

Chapter: File Management

Text Files

27m 10s

Embedding Resources

16m 10s

Chapter: The Switch Statement

The Switch Statement

18m 6s

Chapter: OOP

Object Oriented Programming

15m 24s


13m 23s


14m 9s


21m 40s


14m 40s

Properties and Indexers

26m 1s

Accessibility Modifiers and Encapsulation

16m 37s

Class Inheritance

21m 58s

Type Checking

25m 11s

Virtual Methods

40m 35s

SOLID Classes

13m 57s

Designing for Inheritance

16m 54s


22m 26s

Chapter: Random Numbers

Random Numbers

17m 44s

Chapter: State Machines

State Machines

31m 31s

Chapter: Event Driven Programming

Event-Driven Programming

30m 29s

Chapter: Assemblies


11m 46s

Chapter: Code Quality

Ensuring Code Quality

22m 44s

Chapter: WPF

Introduction to WPF

20m 55s

Putting it Together

24m 35s

Chapter: Finishing Up

Finishing Up

09m 16s