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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Introduction And What To Expect

01m 0s

About The Author

00m 48s

Chapter: Overview

The Situation

02m 7s

Why Port At All?

02m 10s

Port Versus Polyglot

01m 34s

Helper Packages - 2to3, Futurize And Six

06m 11s

Automated Testing - Coverage, Tox, Caniusepython3

03m 44s

Chapter: Numbers

Numbers Overview

05m 0s

Chapter: Strings

Text Versus Binary

04m 16s

Unicode Strings And Characters

04m 54s

Byte Strings

03m 27s

Basestring, Interning And IO

04m 12s

Chapter: Exceptions

Raising And Catching

02m 9s

Tracebacks And Chaining

01m 58s

Chapter: Classes


03m 15s


03m 44s

STR And BOOL Methods

02m 31s

Chapter: IO

Files - Open And Read

03m 18s

Input And Raw_input

02m 33s

ExecFile And StringIO

03m 23s

Chapter: Library

Collections - Counter, Ordereddict, Userdict, Userlist And Userstring

01m 20s

DBM Modules

01m 14s

Commands And Subprocess

01m 3s

Web Libraries - Part 1

01m 28s

Web Libraries - Part 2

02m 18s


02m 13s

Miscellaneous Libraries

01m 54s

Chapter: Other Language Changes


02m 16s


01m 33s

Imports And Reload

02m 34s


02m 24s


01m 35s

Functional Operators - Part 1

02m 22s

Functional Operators - Part 2

04m 6s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 34s