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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setup and Getting Started

Course Overview

01m 52s

Installing the generator-mean-seed

05m 37s

Running Your Site

01m 8s

Web Debugger

02m 15s

Using Grunt

03m 50s


04m 46s

Pushing to GitHub

02m 55s

Chapter: MEAN Technologies Review

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML – the Frontend Building Blocks

05m 46s

JavaScript Callbacks and Promises

09m 3s

AngularJS – Our Frontend MVC Framework

08m 38s

Node.js and Express.js – Our Backend

08m 29s

MongoDB – Our Database

01m 41s

Chapter: Building an Angular Directive

Scaffolding with 'yo'

01m 0s

Using the Directive and Writing Template/HTML

02m 40s

Writing the Directive – Scope and Attributes

06m 21s

Writing the Directive – Controller

06m 21s

Writing and Running Unit Tests for the Directive

04m 30s

Chapter: Adding a New Frontend Controller/Page or Module

Scaffolding New Page/Route/Controller with 'yo'

01m 3s

Under the Hood of the ng-route Generator

02m 0s

Building and Accessing the New Page

02m 37s

Scaffolding the New Service with 'yo'

01m 2s

Under the Hood of ng-service

01m 0s

Using the New Service

05m 4s

Chapter: Angular Unit Testing and Code Coverage

Writing Controller Tests – Boilerplate and Setup

01m 41s

Writing Controller Tests – the Tests

08m 26s

Unit Test the Code

03m 55s

Writing Service Tests - the Tests

06m 42s

Chapter: Adding a New Frontend Angular Bower Module

Bower Search

02m 59s

Adding a New Bower Module

04m 57s

Using Your New Angular Module

04m 4s

Chapter: Implementing a New NPM/Node Module

Searching npm/nipster for a Module

01m 51s

Updating package.json and Running npm Install

02m 20s

Requiring a New Module and Using It

05m 57s

Chapter: Building a New Node API Route

Scaffolding a New Route with 'yo'

00m 58s

Under the Hood of the Node-controller Generator

05m 33s

Writing the API and Tests

13m 27s

Node Integration Test Coverage

05m 54s

Using the Interactive API Help Documentation

02m 53s

Chapter: Angular e2e Protractor Testing

PageObjects for Modularization

04m 20s

Selectors and Filling in Forms

04m 29s

Writing Our First Test

02m 31s

Running with Grunt e2e

01m 48s

Promises and executeAsyncScript

03m 47s

Injecting and Using Angular Modules

02m 20s

Setup and Teardown with Mock Data

03m 41s

Interacting with Third-party Sites

03m 44s

Chapter: Deploying

Buying a Server

03m 24s

Setting Up the Server

02m 43s

Setting Up configs and Continuous Integration

05m 47s

Chapter: Conclusion

Setting Up and Installing generator-mean-seed

02m 3s

Our Main Tools/Technologies

01m 49s


02m 11s


03m 22s


03m 49s


03m 18s