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Table of Contents

Chapter: Using Squarespace

Introduction To Squarespace

00m 52s

About Andy

04m 15s

Top Ten From Andy

03m 25s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Taking The First Step

Introduction - Taking the First Step

00m 41s

The Squarespace Interface

02m 35s

Creating An Account

03m 14s

Setting Up A User Profile

04m 30s

Adjusting Site Settings

06m 14s

Chapter: Working With A Plan

Introduction - Working with a Plan

00m 52s

Planning The Project

08m 3s

Changing Templates

03m 55s

Loading The Working Files

00m 53s

Adding Getty Images

04m 24s

Creating A Logo And Favicon

03m 46s

Editing The Template

02m 9s

Editing An Image

03m 55s

Chapter: The Squarespace Environment

Introduction - The Squarespace Environment

00m 33s

Deleting And Renaming Pages

05m 35s

Adding Heading Images

05m 36s

Restoring Deleted Pages

04m 42s

Editing Text Blocks

02m 49s

Chapter: Creating Sites And Cover Pages

Introduction - Creating Sites and Cover Pages

00m 37s

Adding An Additional Site To Your Account

02m 34s

Creating A Cover Page

05m 36s

Removing Sites From Your Account

01m 52s

Chapter: Working With Settings And Design Options

Introduction - Working with Settings and Design Options

00m 41s

Working With Settings

05m 18s

Working With Permissions

04m 1s

Adding Social Media

01m 54s

Adjusting Pages With The Style Editor

08m 16s

Using Typekit

03m 29s

Adding Announcements To A Site

04m 25s

Chapter: Creating Additional Content

Introduction - Creating Additional Content

00m 34s

Adding A New Page

06m 51s

Making A Gallery

04m 46s

Adding Spacers

03m 20s

Selling Products

07m 3s

Removing Code From Text

04m 12s

Creating An Album

04m 34s

Scheduling Events

05m 58s

Chapter: Setup Options

Introduction - Setup Options

00m 28s

Setting Up A Paid Account

02m 25s

Setting Up A Commerce Page

06m 38s

Setting Up A Blog

04m 9s

Posting And Commenting

08m 19s

Working With Blog Settings

03m 1s

Chapter: Controlling The Site

Introduction - Controlling the Site

00m 34s

Adding Users

04m 35s

Adding A Cover Page

04m 34s

Controlling Page Blocks

05m 8s

Cleaning Up The Site

03m 1s

Adjusting Site Navigation

03m 24s

Chapter: Wrapping It Up

Introduction - Wrapping Up

00m 38s

Adding Video

03m 18s

Adding A Search Field

03m 28s

Generating Links

03m 47s

Adjusting For Different Devices

01m 20s

Going Primetime

02m 53s

Final Thoughts

00m 53s