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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome

Introduction to the Course

07m 21s

Chapter: Concepts

Microservices Architecture Pattern Elements

31m 50s

SOA Architecture Pattern Elements

23m 29s

Service Based Architecture Microservices Hybrids

13m 57s

Microservices and Service Based Governance

10m 28s

Coupling and Cohesion

28m 14s

Comparing Microservices: Service-Based and SOA

31m 51s

Service Orchestration

10m 34s

Remote Access Protocol Comparison

40m 1s

Distributed Architecture Challenges

18m 28s

Chapter: Engineering Practices

Devops Practices

30m 0s

Microservices Testing

12m 10s

Organizational Change

16m 2s

Chapter: Migrations and Hybrids

Migration Paths and Drivers

14m 48s

Migration Challenges

11m 23s

Migration Steps - Introduction and Planning

13m 46s

Migration Steps - Separation

05m 56s

Migration Steps - Proxy Layer

10m 14s

Migration Steps - Refactoring

20m 8s

UI Evolution and Refactoring

13m 34s