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Chapter: Introduction


02m 51s

About The Author

00m 34s

CoreOS And The Future Of Application Development

01m 18s

How to Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: CoreOS Basics

Application Containers

06m 45s


02m 49s


04m 1s

Chapter: CoreOS Subsystems

Container Runtime

04m 56s


05m 43s


06m 2s

Chapter: Launching A Development CoreOS Cluster

Install Dependencies And Boot Your First Cluster

06m 59s


07m 51s

Starting Units with Fleet

04m 38s

Fleet Unit Templates

04m 22s

Global Units

02m 9s

Dockerized Service

07m 32s

etcd And etcdctl

07m 34s

Troubleshooting CoreOS Services

02m 2s


03m 21s

Chapter: Deploying A Database-Backed Web Application

Service Discovery With etcd

10m 4s

Overview Of Deployment

01m 50s

Deploying RethinkDB Database

07m 37s

Deploying Web Application

06m 17s

Load Balancing With NGINX & confd

12m 7s

Load Balancing With HAProxy & confd

05m 36s

Chapter: CoreOS In Production

CoreOS In Production

06m 44s

etcd In Production

07m 9s


09m 34s

Deploy CoreOS To Cloud Provider

06m 33s

Deploy App To CoreOS In Cloud

04m 35s

Scaling Up And Down

02m 56s

Monitoring CoreOS

03m 19s

Monitoring Containers

05m 57s

Centralized Logging

04m 5s

Chapter: Advanced Topics

Firewalls, EC2 Security Groups, etc.

02m 52s

Oneshot Units For Configuration Management

03m 19s

Software Defined Networks - Flannel

05m 10s

Building On CoreOS

05m 4s

Chapter: Kubernetes


05m 0s


05m 26s

Installing On CoreOS

06m 5s

Create Pod

02m 40s

Create Replication Controller

02m 50s

Create Service

02m 35s

Create Public Service

02m 26s

Setup DNS

04m 13s

Setup Kubernetes UI

01m 26s

Chapter: Summary And Discussion

Summary And Discussion

06m 2s

Additional Resources

01m 19s