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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Framer And Prototyping

02m 23s

Course Overview

02m 7s

About The Author

01m 27s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Our First Framer Prototype

Downloading Framer Studio

01m 45s

The Framer Studio Interface

03m 33s

Hello World

05m 35s

Preview Your Framer Prototype

02m 28s

Framer.js For PC Or Without Framer Studio

05m 17s

Chapter: CoffeeScript For Framer


01m 12s


04m 0s


01m 41s


00m 48s


01m 12s


04m 22s


03m 26s


02m 29s


02m 6s


02m 13s


02m 57s


00m 42s

CoffeeScript Exercise

00m 33s

CoffeeScript Exercise Solution

05m 24s


00m 40s

Chapter: All About Layers


03m 17s


02m 17s


01m 28s


04m 20s


03m 29s

Layer Types

02m 42s

Layer Exercise

00m 45s

Layer Exercise Solution

03m 55s

Chapter: Import Designs From Sketch And Photoshop

Import Designs From Sketch And Photoshop

01m 42s

Selecting Layers In Framer

03m 14s

Hidden Layers And Artboards In Sketch

01m 26s

Structuring Your Design Files

02m 59s

Import Design Exercise

01m 18s

Import Design Exercise Solution

01m 57s

Chapter: Animation

Making Layers Move

04m 20s

Timing, Delay, And Repeat

04m 20s

Linear, Ease, And Bezier Curves

03m 43s

Spring Curves

03m 14s

Animation Objects

03m 26s

Animation Exercise

00m 41s

Animation Exercise Solution

02m 49s

Animation Resources

00m 35s

Chapter: Working Smarter And Faster


02m 34s

Layer And Animation Defaults

03m 7s

Keyboard Shortcuts

02m 23s


05m 23s

Working Faster Exercise

00m 33s

Working Faster Exercise Solution

02m 57s

Chapter: Events

Click And Touch Event

03m 43s

Click Prototype: Quotes - Part 1

04m 32s

Click Prototype: Quotes - Part 2

02m 43s

Animation Events And Chaining

04m 19s

Animation Chaining: Random Hearts - Part 1

06m 7s

Animation Chaining: Random Hearts - Part 2

04m 37s

Animation Chaining: Random Hearts - Part 3

06m 32s

Drag Event

06m 12s

Drag Prototype: Pull Down To Refresh - Part 1

06m 45s

Drag Prototype: Pull Down To Refresh - Part 2

04m 43s

Drag Prototype: Pull Down To Refresh - Part 3

05m 39s

Property Change Event

02m 17s

Events Exercise

00m 29s

Events Exercise Solution

06m 5s

Chapter: States

Adding States

07m 5s

Switching States

04m 15s

Default State

01m 32s

Editing States

01m 27s

Animation Options

02m 7s

States Exercise

00m 36s

States Exercise Solution

03m 6s

Chapter: Components

Scroll Component

05m 11s

Scroll Prototype: News - Part 1

05m 6s

Scroll Prototype: News - Part 2

05m 36s

Page Component

05m 34s

Page Prototype: Weather - Part 1

02m 45s

Page Prototype: Weather - Part 2

04m 14s

Combining Scroll And Page Components

04m 46s

Slider Component

05m 30s

Vertical Slider

06m 30s

Slider Prototype: Color - Part 1

04m 40s

Slider Prototype: Color - Part 2

03m 57s

Components Exercise

00m 40s

Components Exercise Solution

06m 5s

Chapter: Modules


02m 43s

Creating And Using Modules

06m 10s

Modules Exercise

00m 36s

Modules Exercise Solution

07m 2s

More Modules

01m 6s

Chapter: Conclusion

Where To Go From Here

01m 44s

Framer Beta

00m 39s

Framer Resources

00m 25s

Thank You

00m 26s