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Table of Contents

Chapter: Testing Java Programs With Open Source Tools

Introduction And Course Overview

02m 57s

About The Author

03m 14s

Why You Cannot Prove Your Code Correct

07m 10s

Covered Tools

02m 12s

Running The Examples

01m 17s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Dynamic Testing Tools

Dynamic Testing

01m 27s

Unit Testing With JUnit

09m 45s

Writing And Running JUnit

11m 31s

TFD And TDD With JUnit

07m 20s

Hamcrest Matchers And JUnit

08m 4s

Mock Objects And JUnit

07m 53s

Testing Persistence With JUnit

10m 0s

On Top Of JUnit: Arquillian

10m 39s

On Top Of JUnit: BDD And Cucumber

12m 9s

Legacy JUnit - Legacy Code

05m 14s

Workflow Example

04m 11s

Debugging And Logging

10m 39s


06m 37s

The Future Of JUnit

06m 27s

Chapter: Spock

Is Another Tool Logical, Captain?

10m 14s

A Nicer JUnit

05m 30s

A Nicer Cucumber Too

02m 55s

Chapter: Test Coverage

What And When Is Enough Testing?

07m 15s

Finding Gaps With Cobertura

07m 58s

Chapter: Testing Web Apps With JUnit-Based Tools

Selenium Driver

10m 48s

Arquillian With WebDriver - Part 1

10m 8s

Arquillian With WebDriver - Part 2

06m 51s


04m 46s

Web Testing Miscellany

09m 40s


06m 29s

Chapter: Static Code Analysis

Code Analysis Tools: Static Testing

05m 6s

Cranking Up Eclipse Settings

07m 46s

Chapter: PMD

What Is PMD?

07m 0s

Running Standalone With Maven

04m 26s

Running With Eclipse

04m 7s

Dealing With Outputs

08m 54s

Analyzing Reports

02m 2s

Destroying Duplication With CPD

02m 55s

Chapter: FindBugs

What Is FindBugs?

09m 29s

Running Standalone With Maven

02m 28s

Running With Eclipse

03m 46s

Dealing With Warnings

08m 40s

Analyzing Reports

09m 14s

Chapter: Wrap-Up


03m 43s