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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 1s

About The Author

01m 4s

Docker Refresher

03m 24s

High-Level EC2 Container Service Concepts - ECS

04m 31s

AWS Account Setup

11m 0s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Running a simple application on ECS

Creating A Simple Docker-Based Application

07m 42s

Creating A ECS Cluster

05m 52s

Defining A Task For Our Application

06m 35s

Running The Application Task Inside The Cluster

06m 25s

Chapter: Running A Multi-Container Application On ECS

Adding A Database-Layer To Our Application

06m 22s

Linking Applications Via ECS Tasks

02m 21s

Connecting Containers From Separate Task Definitions

08m 24s

Running A Multi-Container Application

02m 35s

Inspecting Logs For A Cluster

03m 24s

Collecting Logs From A Cluster

04m 28s

Chapter: Automating Clusters And Deployment

CloudFormation Basics

04m 7s

Defining A Cluster In CloudFormation

12m 42s

Making Updates To A Stack

03m 33s

Emulating A Cluster Locally

02m 6s

Chapter: Summary

Comparison With Other Orchestration Tools

02m 36s

ECS In Review

02m 47s