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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

The Foundations of Preparation

04m 14s

Chapter: Overview

Java / Scala Intrumentation Types

04m 40s

Tools Today

08m 21s

Chapter: Coding Techniques

Thread Naming

09m 42s


07m 57s

Chapter: Bytecode Instrumentation

The JVM Debugger Architecture

08m 10s

Instrumenting JVM Bytecode

26m 17s

Understanding Bytecode and the JVM Verifier

07m 10s

Understanding JVM Bytecode Overview and Best Practices

31m 49s

Chapter: Java Agents

Java Agents and the ASM Bytecode Instrumentation Library

52m 25s

Java Agents - Part 2: Instrumenting for Performance

34m 18s

Java Agents - Part 3: Attaching Live Agents to a Running JVM

10m 44s

Chapter: JVMTI Agents

The JVM Tooling Interface (JVMTI) API Overview and In Action

20m 50s


04m 22s