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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Welcome To Word 2016

04m 30s

About The Author

00m 54s

Word 2016 Interface Tour

03m 57s

Using The Working Files

01m 47s

How To Access The Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Creating Documents

Create A New Document With Or Without A Template

02m 38s

Entering Text Into A Word Document

02m 38s

Save And Save As On A Mac Or Online

05m 12s

Opening An Existing Document

04m 28s

Saving The Document For People Without Word 2016

04m 51s

Available Views And Document Navigation

03m 12s

Chapter: Working With Word Documents

Selecting Text In Word 2016

03m 15s

Deleting Text And The Undo Options

02m 40s

Inserting Mathematical Symbols And Special Characters

03m 10s

Changing Typeface Font Size And Case

03m 52s

Emphasizing Text With Bold Underline Or Italics

03m 0s

Adding Strikethrough, Superscript And Subscript

03m 6s

Paragraph Alignment And Indentation

04m 24s

Paragraph And Line Spacing

05m 32s

The Format Painter In Action

03m 50s

Paragraph Borders And Backgrounds

04m 25s

Introducing Bullets And Numbering

04m 30s

Customizing Bullet Shapes And Numbers

04m 59s

Cut, Copy And Paste In So Many Ways

06m 18s

Finding And Replacing Text

04m 37s

Checking Your Spelling And Grammar

05m 23s

Chapter: Page Setup And Print Preview

Paper Size Orientation And Margins

07m 17s

Page Background Color And Page Borders

04m 27s

Adding A Watermark

04m 9s

Previewing And Printing Your Document

04m 31s

Creating A PDF

03m 34s

Chapter: Tables

Inserting A Table

05m 46s

Entering Data And Managing Row And Column Quantities

05m 35s

Controlling Row Height, Column Width And Alignment

05m 55s

Merging And Splitting Table Cells

04m 4s

Formatting Table Background And Borders

05m 48s

Aligning And Text Wrapping A Table

04m 6s

Chapter: Autotext

Create And Save And Use An AutoText Entry

04m 29s

Editing And Deleting An AutoText Entry

04m 6s

Chapter: Advanced Paragraph Formatting

Applying And Using Multilevel Bullets

05m 54s

Using Drop Cap For Effect

03m 44s

Default And Manual Tabstops

05m 51s

Two Clever Tabs - Decimal And Bar

04m 16s

Use Of Tab Leaders

04m 35s

Using Columns In A Document

04m 52s

Adding And Removing Column Breaks

02m 24s

Chapter: Automatic Features

Overview Of AutoCorrect In Action

04m 34s

Disable Or Undo An AutoCorrect Feature

04m 48s

Adding And Removing Words From The AutoCorrect List

04m 1s

Chapter: Header And Footers

Adding A Header And Footer

04m 42s

Customizing A Header And Footer

06m 18s

Different Header Or Footer On First, Odd Or Even Pages

04m 52s

Page Numbering Customization

04m 37s

Chapter: Advanced Tables

Tabs Within Tables

04m 12s

Adding And Refreshing Formulae

04m 12s

View And Edit Table Formula

05m 2s

Header Rows And Not Splitting Data

03m 50s

Sorting Data In Word

03m 56s

Chapter: SmartArt, Images And The Drawing Tools

Inserting, Resizing, Moving And Deleting Shapes

05m 2s

Styling And Formatting Shapes

04m 33s

Adding Text Boxes And Text To Existing Shapes

07m 30s

Shapes Interacting

05m 35s

Aligning Shapes

05m 30s

Exploring WordArt

05m 32s

Inserting And Formatting Images

07m 57s

The Crop And Transparency Tools

04m 45s

Use Of SmartArt Graphics

07m 41s

Images And Objects Within A Document

06m 22s

Chapter: Working With And Merging Data

Mail Merge - The Basics

08m 2s

Using Excel As The Data Source

03m 55s

Filtering The Date Before Merging

04m 45s

Chapter: Conclusion

Onwards And Upwards

04m 45s