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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Up and Running with Meteor

The Course Overview

02m 45s

Setting Up Meteor

03m 11s

An Introduction to Meteor Scaffolding

06m 43s

Creating Your First App

06m 18s

Enhancing Your App with Custom Packages

08m 53s

Chapter: Content Creation and Adding Collections

Displaying Collections

06m 54s

Adding Content through User Input

05m 12s

Securing Your Application

05m 38s

Interacting with External Services

17m 40s

Chapter: Creating Clean Web and REST Services

Introduction to Iron Router

02m 46s

Using Iron Router Templates

05m 46s

Creating REST Endpoints

08m 4s

Chapter: Creating Responsive User Interfaces

Structuring Your UI with Masonry

04m 9s

Styling with Bootstrap

04m 54s

Additional Interactivity

10m 17s

Chapter: Deploying Your Application

Deploying to

04m 31s

Deploying to a Custom Hostname

02m 29s

Deploying to a Custom Server

06m 19s