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Table of Contents

Chapter: Layouts

What Are Layouts?

03m 15s

Pie Charting Manually

04m 29s

Using a Layout

03m 1s

Default D3.js Layouts

04m 48s

Chapter: Creating Layouts

Sketching Out the Idea

03m 59s

Making Our Code Reusable

08m 27s

Final Tweaks

03m 54s

Chapter: Data Manipulation

Getting the Raw Dataset

03m 58s

Parsing and Cleaning the Data

07m 25s

Scope and Functional Style Coding

08m 13s

Chapter: Geography

Drawing a Map

05m 37s

Adding Data to a Map

06m 35s

Geo Data

11m 9s

Chapter: Creating Animations


02m 36s

Animating with Timers

07m 35s

Delta-based Animations

03m 4s

Transitions and Easing

07m 49s

Chapter: Interactivity

Improving the Main Animation Loop

08m 7s

User Animation Controls

08m 26s

More Interactions

05m 27s

Making the Visualization Responsive

08m 59s

Chapter: Debugging and Best Practices

Structuring Your Code

06m 45s

Debugging the D3.js Code

06m 39s

Helpful Libraries

04m 54s

Chapter: Visualization Design Primer

How to Approach a Visualization

05m 1s

Going from meh to wow

05m 49s

Some of My Favorite Visualizations

06m 24s