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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


00m 56s

What is Sass?

01m 47s

Chapter: Configuring the Work Environment

Installing SublimeText 3 and Packages

05m 27s

Exploring the Starting Files

05m 34s

Installing Koala, a Sass Compiler

02m 32s

Creating a Sass Stylesheet

04m 38s

Comments in Sass

03m 32s

Including Simple Variables, Compiling, and Viewing Results

07m 34s

You Try It: Creating Sass Styles with Variables

03m 40s

Chapter: Working with Variables, Math, and Functions

Global Variables, Local Variables, and Default Values

08m 47s

Manipulating Variables through Math

06m 8s

Manipulating Variables with Core Math Functions

07m 10s

Manipulating Variables with Core Color Functions

10m 40s

You Try It: Manipulating Variables

03m 58s

Writing Your Own Functions

06m 9s

Chapter: Nesting Expressions

Understanding Nesting with Sass

03m 7s

Using & to Reference Parent Selectors

03m 1s

Nesting Within Selectors and Using Nesting with Caution

05m 52s

You Try It: Nesting

03m 5s

Chapter: Mixins and Extend

Creating and Using Simple mixins

07m 22s

Understanding and Creating mixins with Variable Arguments

08m 37s

Creating and Using extend

04m 53s

Eliminating Extra Classes with extends

03m 34s

Creating Multiple extends

02m 39s

Chaining extends

03m 28s

Extend-only Selectors

04m 54s

Understanding the Difference Between mixin and extend

03m 4s

You Try It: mixins and extend

06m 28s

Chapter: Understanding if and else

Understanding @if

05m 36s

Working with @if/@else and Default mixin Values

06m 54s

Media Queries, mixins, and @if/@else

10m 27s

Chapter: File Management and Organization

Understanding, Organizing, and Compiling Sass Partials and Files

11m 1s

Incorporating External CSS Files

03m 33s

Preparing for Site Launch

04m 10s

Chapter: Conclusion

Goodbye and Next Steps

02m 10s