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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 28s

About The Author

01m 0s

Your Text Editor, Terminal, And Browser

01m 26s

Installing Node

01m 0s

Using The Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: The Terminal And Git

Command Line Introduction And Navigating The File System

04m 9s

Creating Directories And Files

02m 31s

Git Introduction And Installation

02m 52s

Git Basics

07m 25s

Working With GitHub

07m 16s

Chapter: Project Scaffolding And Working With Dependencies

Generating A Project With Yeoman

05m 9s

Managing Front-End Dependencies

07m 28s

Chapter: Using A Front-End Build Tool

Introduction To Build Tools And Gulp

05m 50s

Using Gulp For Repetetive Tasks

04m 14s

Using Gulp To Minify Assets - Part 1

06m 42s

Using Gulp To Minify Assets - Part 2

07m 10s

Chapter: HTML Templating

Introduction To HTML Templates And Handelbars

02m 36s

Our First Handlebars Template

06m 35s

Handelbars Template Partials

06m 25s

Handelbars Template Data

04m 39s

Chapter: CSS Pre- And Post- Processing

Introduction To CSS Pre-Processing And Post-Processing

02m 21s

Writing A Less Gulp Task

03m 30s

Modular CSS With Less

06m 33s

Less Variables

06m 28s

Less Mixins

04m 58s

Less Nesting And Link Styles

06m 42s

Layout With Flexbox

05m 21s

CSS Post-Processing And Auto-Prefix With Gulp

02m 27s

Chapter: Modular Javascript Code

Javascript Code Organization

03m 11s

Model-View-Helper Code Structure

02m 58s

Introduction To Browserify And Setting Up Our Browserify Gulp Task

05m 27s

Javascript Code Structure And npm Modules

06m 6s

Modularizing Our Javascript

04m 2s

More Models And Views - Part 1

03m 54s

More Models And Views - Part 2

08m 57s

Chapter: Front-End Testing

Introduction To Front-End Testing

03m 16s

Linting Our Javascript

05m 28s

Unit Testing Javascript

07m 52s

Automated Accessibility Testing

03m 50s

Automating Our Tests

01m 54s

Chapter: Conclusion

Resources And Where To Go From Here

04m 25s

Wrap Up

00m 49s