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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome To The Course

So Who Said You're a "Bad" Presenter?

04m 31s

Chapter: Be A Badder You

Bookends, The Critical Importance of Hooks and Closings

10m 27s

Bookends (A Good Practice!)

02m 13s


06m 37s

Chapter: Start Breaking the Rules Before You Even Hit the Stage

Purpose and Action

08m 30s

Purpose and Action (A Good Practice!)

02m 1s

Break the Mirror Rule

02m 7s

Improvise Your Practice (A Good Practice!)

04m 44s

Reading the Audience

18m 43s

Audience (A Good Practice!)

01m 44s

Chapter: You Are the Presentation


11m 7s

Confidence (A Good Practice!)

01m 28s


12m 1s

Voice (A Good Practice!)

01m 52s

Eye Contact, Podiums, and Stories

10m 39s

Eye Contact, Podiums and Storytelling (A Good Practice!)

01m 47s


08m 47s

Chapter: Staying Bad No Matter What Happens

Oops! Something Goes Wrong

07m 54s

Oops! (A Good Practice!)

03m 40s


07m 1s

Working with Nerves (A Good Practice!)

03m 7s

Working with Emotions

04m 27s

Chapter: Now Get Out There!

Remember your training, Grasshopper

02m 32s