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Table of Contents

Chapter: About this Course

Introduction and Course Overview

01m 54s

About the Author

01m 5s

Chapter: Types of Empathy

Empathy for Context

09m 8s

Empathy for Cognitive Abilities

07m 57s

Empathy for Physical Abilities

06m 47s

Empathy for Behavior

04m 44s

Chapter: Building Empathy

Crafting Your Initial User Definition

06m 9s

Planning User Research Studies

06m 30s

Recruiting Participants

04m 34s


06m 0s

Contextual Inquiry

06m 21s


06m 7s

Chapter: Communicating Empathy


04m 5s

User Journeys and Customer Experience Maps

05m 49s

UX/CX Strategy Documents

05m 37s

Chapter: Turning Empathy Into Action

Turning Empathy Into Action

31m 10s

Case Study: Account Features

07m 27s

Case Study: Registration Manual

08m 58s

Case Study: Energy Company

13m 19s

Case Study: Retractable Syringe

10m 34s

Chapter: Building Empathy Within Your Organization

Design Studios

05m 24s

Design Principles

05m 32s

Design Briefs

05m 41s

Collaborative Usbility Testing

08m 59s