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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Should Expect From This Course

03m 52s

About The Author

02m 2s

Chapter: Basics

Why Java 8?

05m 15s

Brief Introduction To Java 8 New Features

09m 42s

What Are Lambdas?

04m 40s

Creating A Lambda

06m 45s

Example Lambda Expressions

05m 50s

Chapter: Lambdas

Lambda Syntax

04m 55s

Target Typing

04m 56s

Capturing Lambda

05m 56s

Lambda Scoping

04m 54s

Method References

04m 41s

Constructor References

03m 29s

Type Inference

04m 26s

Chapter: Interfaces

Interface Makeover

03m 22s

Functional Interfaces

03m 56s

@FunctionalInterface Annotation

04m 34s

Default And Static Methods

04m 49s

Inheriting Behaviour

03m 24s

Multiple Inheritance

06m 17s

Abstract Versus Interfaces

03m 6s

Chapter: Functions

What Are Functions?

03m 59s

Predicate Function

03m 50s

Composing Predicates

06m 19s

Consumer Function

06m 2s

Supplier Function

02m 43s

Function Function

06m 38s

Chapter: Additional Functions

Composing Functions

05m 9s

Primitive Functions - Part 1

03m 37s

Primitive Functions - Part 2

03m 37s

Two Argument BiPredicates

05m 18s

Two Argument BiConsumers

03m 51s

Two Argument BiFunctions

04m 25s

Chapter: Streams

Introducing Streams - Part 1

04m 5s

Introducing Streams - Part 2

02m 43s

Working With Streams

06m 6s

Creating Streams

05m 39s

Iteration Strategies

05m 10s

Lazy And Eager Operations

04m 26s

Streams Versus Collections

02m 53s

Primitive Streams

03m 55s

Chapter: Stream Common Operations


03m 52s


03m 9s


04m 26s

Distinct, Limit And Skip

03m 23s

Short Circuit Operations

04m 31s


03m 32s

Optional - Part 1

03m 5s

Optional - Part 2

05m 39s

Chapter: Advanced Streams


05m 15s


04m 12s


07m 41s

Flat Map

02m 53s

Range And Stats

03m 15s

Chapter: Parallell Streams

Serial Execution

03m 37s

Parallel Execution

02m 29s

Behind The Scenes

04m 39s

Sequential Or Parallel

06m 0s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

01m 48s