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Chapter: Introduction to Sqoop


03m 45s

About The Author

00m 48s

Use Case #1: ELT

05m 31s

Use Case #2: ETL From DWH

03m 3s

Use Case #3: Data Analysis

03m 38s

Use Case #4: Data Archival

02m 2s

Use Case #5: Move Reports To Hadoop

05m 26s

Use Case #6: Data Consolidation

02m 53s

Chapter: Importing Data To Hadoop From A Relational Database

Command Line Basics: Importing Data Using Sqoop

09m 13s

Importing Data With Column Filters, Row Filters, And Free Text Queries

06m 11s

Parallel Imports

04m 33s

Import Data Directory To HIVE Tables

07m 25s

Incremental Data Import Overview

06m 0s

Incremental Data Import And Using Sqoop Stored Jobs

11m 5s

Chapter: Sqoop Hands-On: Exporting Data From Hadoop To A Relational Database

Exporting Data Back To A Relational Database Using Sqoop

05m 42s

Exporting data from Hadoop back to RDBMS

01m 56s

Chapter: Advanced topics

Introduction to Sqoop2 Server

04m 18s

Chapter: Course summary

Wrap Up

04m 6s