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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Overview And About The Author

02m 6s

What Is Unity 5 And Who Uses It?

01m 44s

Other Tools You'll Need To Work With Unity

02m 22s

How To Use The Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Interface

Panes And Layouts

06m 24s


09m 5s


06m 6s


07m 18s


10m 36s


06m 52s


06m 50s

Other Views

09m 31s

Chapter: Manipulating Objects


05m 4s


06m 41s


06m 25s


06m 28s


08m 8s


06m 41s

Chapter: Introduction To Behavior Scripting


08m 12s


08m 36s


09m 5s

Procedural Object Creation

09m 54s

Chapter: Game Scene Organization


13m 24s

Splash Screen - Part 1

07m 50s

Splash Screen - Part 2

07m 29s

Main Menu

03m 52s

Main Game Scene

06m 18s

Chapter: Combining Assets

Primitives And 3D Models

06m 59s

Shared Materials For Primitive Models

08m 32s


07m 20s

Chapter: Creating Project Prototype Objects Using 3D Models

Main Character

05m 40s


04m 53s


08m 55s

Chapter: Importing And Exporting Assets

Types Of Assets

07m 42s

Importing 3D Models

08m 44s

Importing Audio

04m 46s

Importing Textures

09m 11s

Importing Scripts

03m 22s

Asset Packages

05m 37s

Chapter: Setting The Scene

Adding The Skybox

08m 15s

Adding The Main Camera

03m 7s

Adding The Nebula

08m 40s

Adding The Boundary

05m 23s

Adding The Stars

11m 9s

Chapter: Light It Up

Lighting Window Settings Ambient Light And Skybox

04m 57s

Three Point Lighting

07m 13s

Chapter: Audio

Adding A Jukebox

10m 41s

Adding Sound Effects

09m 29s

Chapter: Introduction To Physics Components


09m 19s

Rigid Body

08m 6s

Physics Material

03m 55s

Types Of Colliders - 2D And 3D

03m 6s


05m 2s

Chapter: Add Character And Enemies To The Project

Add The Main Character Model

05m 18s

Add The Enemy Models

07m 4s

Add The Pickup Models

07m 49s

Add Weapon Models

06m 51s

Create Prefabs For Character, Enemies, Pickups - Part 1

12m 50s

Create Prefabs For Character, Enemies, Pickups - Part 2

10m 39s

Adding The Enemy Spawner

12m 50s

Explosions - Effects

09m 2s

Explosions - Camera Shake - Part 1

08m 28s

Explosions - Camera Shake - Part 2

04m 49s

Pickup Effects

05m 25s

Character Controls Using The Keyboard

10m 15s

Character Shield - Part 1

13m 49s

Character Shield - Part 2

09m 10s

Collect, Shoot And Score - Part 1

05m 40s

Collect, Shoot And Score - Part 2

06m 54s

Collect, Shoot And Score - Part 3

08m 16s

Chapter: 2D To 3D

Everything Is 3D

05m 53s

Transitioning Between 2D And 3D - Part 1

04m 48s

Transitioning Between 2D And 3D - Part 2

09m 24s

Transitioning Between 2D And 3D - Part 3

05m 6s

Transitioning Between 2D And 3D - Part 4

09m 12s

Using A Laser Sight To Make 3D Aiming Easier

07m 14s

Chapter: Game UI

Unity UI - Part 1

07m 13s

Unity UI - Part 2

09m 46s

Chapter: Making Waves

Adding Waves

07m 13s

Using Settings - Part 1

07m 52s

Using Settings - Part 2

10m 55s

Bosses - Part 1

08m 1s

Bosses - Part 2

09m 51s

Boss Weapons - Part 1

08m 37s

Boss Weapons - Part 2

07m 28s

Boss Weapons - Part 3

07m 40s

Boss Weapons - Part 4

07m 4s

Boss Winning And Losing

07m 58s

Ending Waves And The Game And Credits

09m 14s

Chapter: Menu Scene

Choosing Menu Items

09m 21s

Displaying High Scores

10m 13s

Chapter: Crossplatform Input

Mobile Touch Part 1 - Touchpad

06m 24s

Mobile Touch Part 2 - Buttons

05m 33s

Chapter: Crossplatform Settings


05m 43s


03m 17s

Chapter: Final Touches

Resolution And Presentation

04m 42s

Other Settings

06m 12s

Building Standalone Apps

10m 3s

Chapter: Conclusion

Resources And Where To Go From Here

03m 9s

Wrap Up

02m 5s