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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Apache Hive And Who Uses It?

02m 45s

About The Author

01m 5s

What You Should Expect From This Video

01m 58s

Chapter: Connecting To Hive

Hive CLI

02m 8s


02m 49s


02m 28s


03m 52s

Chapter: Creating Tables And Loading Data

Creating A Table

08m 21s

Loading Data

02m 39s

Hive Record Structure

08m 9s

Hive Data Types

05m 52s

Chapter: Manipulating Tables With HiveQL

Select Statement - Part 1

08m 1s

Select Statement - Part 2

04m 53s

Inserting Data Into A Hive Table Using HiveQL

02m 14s

Creating A Table Using HiveQL

01m 43s

Chapter: Views And Partitions

Creating And Using Views

02m 28s

Creating And Using Partitions

04m 16s

Chapter: Functions And Using Transform

Built In Functions

03m 46s

User Defined Functions

03m 52s

Transforming Data With Custom Scripts

09m 47s

Chapter: Hive Execution Engines

Map Reduce

08m 42s


05m 28s


02m 31s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

02m 53s