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Chapter: Introduction

What Is Scala?

00m 55s

What Are The Positives Of Scala?

01m 10s

What Are The Negatives Of Scala?

02m 40s

About The Author

00m 49s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Setup

Downloading Scala

03m 39s

Installing Scala - Windows

05m 26s

Installing Scala - Mac

03m 56s

Installing Scala - Linux

04m 32s

Creating A Script In Scala

04m 57s

Creating An Application In Scala

06m 42s

Chapter: Scala Basics

val And var

04m 1s

Lazy val

04m 12s

Bending Variables And Values To Your Will

04m 16s

byte, short, int, long, Floats, Booleans, And Doubles

07m 38s

if, else if, else

04m 6s

while, do while

05m 18s

For Loops

08m 25s


01m 46s

Smart Strings

07m 19s

String Formatting

12m 12s

String Interpolation

09m 18s

Chapter: Scala Methods

Basic Methods

07m 44s

Any, AnyVal, AnyRef

08m 48s

Different Return Types

02m 28s

Unit And Unit Conventions

10m 45s


05m 20s

Tail Optimized Recursion

06m 52s

Methods In Methods

02m 8s

Bending Method Names To Your Will

04m 44s

Operator Overloading

05m 14s

Method Overloading

04m 41s

Named And Default Arguments

06m 1s

AsInstanceOf And IsInstanceOf

07m 28s

Parameterized Types On Methods

10m 45s

Chapter: Scala Classes


10m 0s

Java Getters And Java Setters

05m 1s


08m 52s

Constructor Named And Default Arguments

03m 9s

Methods In Classes

09m 51s

Preconditions, Exceptions, And Exception Handling

10m 41s


09m 53s

Overriding Methods

09m 18s

equals, hashCode, toString

12m 24s

Case Classes

08m 22s

Abstract Classes

05m 15s

Parameterized Types On Classes

08m 29s

Parameterized Methods In Classes

06m 43s

Chapter: Scala Object

Singleton Objects

11m 20s

Companion Objects

12m 47s

Chapter: Magical Methods

The Magic Apply Method

05m 51s

Infix Operators

05m 8s

Right-Associative Colons

04m 6s

Chapter: Scala Option

Scala Option - Part 1

07m 20s

Scala Option - Part 2

05m 53s

Chapter: Scala Tuples

Scala Tuples - Part 1

03m 53s

Scala Tuples - Part 2

02m 58s

Chapter: Higher Order Functions

Creating A Function - Part 1

03m 45s

Creating A Function - Part 2

04m 59s

Creating A Function - Part 3

02m 50s

Is It A Method Or Is It A Function?

03m 42s

Converting A Method To A Function - Part 1

06m 12s

Converting A Method To A Function - Part 2

04m 12s


04m 3s

Functions With Functions

05m 51s


03m 33s

Curried Method Parameters

04m 36s

By-Name Parameters - Part 1

06m 12s

By-Name Parameters - Part 2

02m 57s

Chapter: Collection Basics

The Importance Of A Language With A Clean API

02m 57s


09m 11s


08m 40s

Maps And Symbols

10m 5s

Arrays And Repeated Parameters

06m 27s


05m 39s

Chapter: Collections With Functions


12m 30s

filter, filterNot, And exists

06m 40s


03m 45s


15m 12s

For Comprehensions

14m 28s

fold And reduce

07m 0s


02m 30s

Finding Your Method In The API

06m 35s

Solving Functionally With Scala

05m 40s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 30s