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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

04m 56s


01m 5s

Chapter: Basics

Setting Up Your GitHub Account

03m 46s

Tuning Your Profile

08m 5s

GitHub Glossary

05m 37s

Creating A Repo

03m 34s

Forking A Repo

02m 5s

Chapter: The GitHub Workflow

Presentation Of The Workflow

05m 20s

What Is In A Repo?

11m 51s

Key Terms

01m 35s

Forking A Repo

02m 53s

Authoring Commits

08m 54s

Creating And Managing Branches

06m 43s

Pull Requests

18m 9s

Workflow Review

01m 49s

Chapter: Beyond The Site - Using The Cli And Desktop Apps

Key Terms

02m 16s

Getting A Regular Git Cli

06m 17s

Committing And Sending To GitHub

05m 39s

Using The Hub Cli Tool

07m 11s

Using the Hub Cli With The Desktop Apps

06m 43s

Good Resources For Learning Git

02m 11s

Cli Review

01m 30s

Chapter: GitHub-Flavored Markdown

Markdown Basics

08m 51s

Images In Markdown

01m 31s

Lists And Tables

05m 53s

At Mentions

02m 2s

In-Repo Links

02m 0s


03m 13s

Fenced Code Blocks

01m 24s


02m 18s

Task Lists

01m 42s

Markdown Review

02m 10s

Chapter: Searching GitHub

Scopes - GitHub, Single-Repo, Code, Issues, Users, Etc

04m 24s

Advanced Searches

08m 16s

File Finder

02m 1s

Chapter: Staying On Top Of Things

Key Terms

02m 52s

Subscribing, Unsubscribing And Auto-Subscriptions

02m 49s

Watching Repositories And Following People

05m 30s

Tuning Notification Sources, Delivery Methods And Target E-Mails

05m 16s

Chapter: Managing Issues And Fixes

Key Terms

02m 40s


10m 38s

Triaging, Filtering Issues And PRs With Labels

02m 19s

Grouping Issues And PRs With Milestones

02m 55s

Tags And Releases

05m 49s

Issues And Fixes Review

01m 15s

Chapter: GitHub Security

General Security Precautions

04m 18s

Protocols To Access Your Repos

02m 17s

Sudo Mode

01m 46s

Reviewing Your Security Log

01m 34s

About Passwords And Passphrases

03m 27s

Blocking And Unblocking Users

02m 46s

Chapter: Repository Management

Key Terms

03m 2s

Switching Visibility

02m 53s

Renaming, Transferring, Deleting And Archiving

06m 29s

Quotas, Large Files And LFS

07m 38s

Non-Code Files

04m 58s

Collaborators And Permission Levels

01m 58s

Repository Management Review

01m 40s

Chapter: GitHub At Your Fingertips

Keyboard Shortcuts

07m 52s

Chapter: Gists

Authoring And Updating - Public Versus Private

05m 50s

Forking And Cloning Gists

01m 32s

bl.ocks And 5minfork

04m 14s

Chapter: Being Social And Collaborative

Starring Repos

01m 53s

Watching Repositories And Following People

02m 3s

Choosing Licenses

03m 0s

Providing A Guide To Contributing

02m 51s

Writing A Great README

03m 40s

Creating A Great Wiki

07m 26s

Being Social And Collaborative Review

01m 52s