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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What to Expect

02m 33s

About The Author

00m 59s

A Brief History Of JavaScript

10m 32s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: ES6

ES6 Compatibility And Environments

05m 7s

Block Scope And Let

08m 58s

Arrow Functions

02m 45s

Default Parameters And The Spread Operator

06m 36s

Template Strings

07m 29s


07m 51s


09m 12s


07m 35s


08m 47s

Weak Maps

03m 22s

Chapter: Web Components

Introduction To Web Components

02m 25s

HTML Imports

07m 7s

HTML Templates

03m 10s

Shadow DOM

07m 0s

Custom Elements - Part 1

05m 24s

Custom Elements - Part 2

06m 53s

Chapter: TypeScript

Introduction To TypeScript

02m 0s

Type Declarations

06m 40s


03m 23s

TypeScript Classes

02m 4s

TypeScript Modules

02m 51s

Chapter: ReactJS

Introduction To React

01m 40s

JSX, Classes, And Elements

07m 3s

Events, Props, And State

05m 47s

Putting It All Together - Building A Simple Chatroom

03m 42s

Flux And React Native

02m 21s

Chapter: AngularJS 2

Introduction To AngularJS 2

01m 37s

Getting To Know Your AngularJS 2 Environment

04m 57s

Component Basics

04m 25s

Data Binding And Events

04m 39s

Dependency Injection And Services

04m 41s


04m 6s

Chapter: Meteor

Introduction To Meteor

00m 55s

Basics Of An Isomorphic Application

05m 43s

Publish And Subscribe Model

02m 45s

Optimistic UI And Database Everywhere

03m 38s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 44s