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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome

Introduction And Course Overview

01m 14s

About The Author

00m 39s

Using The Exercise Files

01m 15s

Get Harmony Essentials Or Demo

00m 42s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Transitioning To Harmony

Harmony Versus Flash

02m 15s

Harmony Essentials Versus Toon Boom Studio

01m 42s

Comparing The Three Editions Of Harmony

01m 53s

Chapter: How To Use The Interface

Interface And Workspace Overview

01m 59s

Setting Preferences

02m 11s

Saving Custom Workspaces

01m 33s

Adding Toolbars

01m 58s

Save Preferences

01m 46s

Chapter: Using The Shape Tools

Line Tool

03m 28s


02m 21s


01m 32s

Polyline Tool

04m 31s

Shortcut Keys And Tools

02m 45s

Chapter: Drawing And Editing Tools In Harmony


05m 8s


03m 9s


03m 26s


01m 45s

Contour Editor

02m 30s

Smooth Editor

02m 18s

Chapter: Working With Color

Adding Colors

03m 19s

Creating Palettes

03m 3s

Paint Tool

04m 19s

Updating Colors

02m 52s

Chapter: Working With The Timeline And Layers

Adding Layers

04m 17s

Onion Skin

02m 29s

Drawing Substitutions

05m 21s

Duplicating Versus Cloning Layers

05m 18s

Layer Groups

01m 37s

Color Card Layers

02m 10s

Chapter: The Camera Versus Drawing View

Using The Drawing View

03m 32s

Using The Light Table And Top Light

02m 7s

Adjusting Onion Skin

01m 55s

Using The Grid

01m 57s

Drawing Position In Camera Versus Drawing View

03m 16s

Chapter: How To Import Files

Importing Illustrator Files

04m 0s

Importing Photoshop Files

05m 29s

Importing Flash

02m 8s

Importing Sound

02m 32s

Importing Video

01m 56s

Chapter: Animating In Toon Boom Harmony

Harmony Animation Basics

04m 27s

Setting Pivot Points

04m 35s

Setting Ease In And Out

03m 38s

Creating Cycles

03m 27s

Symbols Versus Drawings

04m 1s

Adding Pegs

06m 5s

Chapter: How To Rig A Cut-Out Character

Character Design

04m 24s

Dividing Up Pieces Into Layers

05m 34s

Inking The Character

05m 1s

Rigging The Arms

05m 48s

Rigging The Legs

04m 58s

Painting The Character

04m 50s

Adjusting Layer Hierarchy

02m 18s

Hiding Hinges Via Painting

02m 46s

Hiding Hinges Using Patches

06m 20s

Rigging The Head

07m 53s

Rigging The Eyes

05m 9s

Animating A Blink

05m 45s

Setting Up A Master Peg

05m 7s

Chapter: Creating A Simple Walk Cycle

Setting The Keys

05m 19s

Setting The Tweens

03m 9s

Adjusting The Keys

03m 3s

Adding The Cycle To A Peg

04m 52s

Chapter: Animating A Lip Sync

Adding Phonemes

04m 6s

Importing Sound

04m 35s

Using Auto Lip Sync

03m 30s

Tweaking Auto Lip Sync

06m 14s

Chapter: Adding Effects To Your Animations


03m 40s


03m 23s


01m 47s


03m 12s

Chapter: Working With The Camera

Setting Up Backgrounds And Foregrounds

04m 37s

Using The Top And Side Camera Views

01m 23s

Animating The Camera

04m 9s

How To Parent The Camera With Other Drawings

02m 3s

Chapter: Exporting Your Scene

Basic Movie Export

03m 30s

Exporting Still Images

02m 34s

Joining Scenes In Other Programs

03m 47s

Exporting For Upload

02m 0s

Chapter: Closing

Wrap Up

00m 41s