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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Time Series Problems

09m 57s

Chapter: Kafka

Kafka Architecture and Deployment

11m 33s

Kafka Usage

03m 42s

Chapter: Spark

Introduction to Spark

15m 42s

Spark Architecture

12m 2s

Chapter: Spark Streaming

Spark Streaming: Windows & Slides

08m 34s

Spark Streaming: Ingestion Sources & Using Kafka

08m 32s

Sparks Streaming: Operations on the Stream

01m 30s

Chapter: Cassandra

Introduction to Cassandra

08m 56s

Cassandra Basic Architecture

11m 59s

Replication, High Availability and Multi Datacenter

14m 6s

Cassandra Weather Website Example

11m 45s

Cassandra Query Language (CQL)

18m 0s

Cassandra Partitions & Clustering

08m 21s

Cassandra Read and Write Path

12m 17s

Working with Cassandra

06m 31s

Cassandra Drivers and Access Patterns

10m 36s

Chapter: Spark and Cassandra

Spark and Cassandra Architecture

12m 0s

Analyzing Cassandra Data & Spark SQL

12m 12s

Spark and Cassandra DataStax Enterprise

04m 30s

Chapter: Real World Use Cases

Real World Use Cases: Streaming Problems

17m 11s

Real World Use Cases: In-place Analytic Problems

10m 57s