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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What To Expect From This Course

05m 43s

About The Author

03m 21s

Windows Threats

06m 17s

Common Attacks

06m 17s

Windows In The Enterprise

06m 31s

Windows Networking Options

06m 27s

Using The MMC

06m 15s

How To Access Your Working Files

03m 22s

Chapter: System Security Basics

Physical Access Control

06m 25s

Policies And Procedures

06m 22s

Employee Education

06m 3s

Emerging Threats

05m 51s

Chapter: Operating System Security

Windows Architecture Basics

06m 7s

Active Directory And Kerberos

05m 56s

Active Directory - Authentication, Authorization And Auditing

05m 17s

Active Directory Structure

04m 28s

Active Directory Design

04m 51s

Users And Groups - Part 1

06m 30s

Users And Groups - Part 2

04m 30s


04m 23s

Users And Groups Demo

05m 41s

Permissions And Rights

03m 21s

Group Policy Essentials - Part 1

05m 36s

Group Policy Essentials - Part 2

03m 52s

Configuring Group Policy

06m 35s

User Account Policies

05m 49s

Minimum Password Length

06m 6s

Managing User Accounts

06m 15s

Setting Logon Hours

05m 37s

Delegation Of Authentication

06m 16s

Delegation And SPN

06m 0s

Configuring Delegation - Part 1

05m 32s

Configuring Delegation - Part 2

05m 58s


06m 27s

Chapter: Windows Access Control

Principle Of Least Privilege

06m 26s

Windows Access Model

05m 29s

Understanding UAC

06m 10s

Configuring UAC

05m 40s

Server 2012 UAC

05m 24s


06m 9s


02m 53s


03m 37s

Chapter: Protecting Local Data

Protecting Local Data

05m 19s

Encryption Essentials

05m 58s

Understanding TPM

06m 6s

Managing TPM

05m 30s

EFS Basics - Part 1

05m 37s

EFS Basics - Part 2

03m 42s

Managing EFS

04m 20s

Bitlocker Essentials

05m 45s

Bitlocker Requirements

06m 12s

Bitlocker Modes

05m 28s

Managing Bitlocker

05m 2s

Network Unlock

03m 53s

Bitlocker To Go

06m 23s

Chapter: Securing Data In Transit

PKI Essentials - Part 1

06m 34s

PKI Essentials - Part 2

05m 59s

AD Certificate Services - Part 1

05m 49s

AGDLP Certificate Services - Part 2

06m 51s

CA Hierarchies - Part 1

06m 18s

CA Hierarchies - Part 2

02m 34s

CA Roles

05m 9s

Chapter: File Sharing

File Sharing Essentials

06m 30s

Managing File Shares

06m 0s

Administrative Shares - Part 1

06m 12s

Administrative Shares - Part 2

05m 39s

Disabling Administrative Shares

03m 17s

Share And Access Permissions

06m 17s

Special Permissions - Part 1

05m 55s

Special Permissions - Part 2

03m 27s

Chapter: Securing The Registry

Understanding The Registry

05m 59s

Securing Registry Utilities

04m 44s

Registry Key Permissions

03m 2s

Auditing Registry Access

03m 53s

Chapter: System Hardening

Defining Server Roles

06m 5s

Using Server Manager

06m 7s

Reducing The Attack Surface

05m 16s

Server Core

05m 52s

Applocker Essentials

06m 2s

Security Templates

05m 17s

Chapter: Windows Firewall

Firewall Essentials - Part 1

06m 7s

Firewall Essentials - Part 2

04m 43s

Firewall With Advanced Security

05m 23s

Chapter: Security Monitoring

Auditing Essentials - Part 1

06m 7s

Auditing Essentials - Part 2

05m 48s

Default Auditing

02m 40s

Auditing Events

03m 9s

Auditing AD Objects

02m 38s

Monitoring The Security Logs

04m 55s

Chapter: Backup And Recovery

Disaster Recovery Basics

05m 38s

Backup Methods

05m 47s

Backup Types

03m 25s

System State Backups

03m 16s

Restoring System State Backups

05m 8s

Chapter: Windows 10 Security Enhancements

Windows 10

06m 0s

Device Guard

05m 51s


06m 15s

Enterprise Data Protection

05m 46s

Windows Hello

05m 17s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

05m 37s