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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction To PHP 7

02m 7s

About The Author

01m 57s

Setting Up A Test Environment

02m 6s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: What Has Changed In PHP 7?

Internal Changes

03m 58s

Changes To Existing Features

03m 20s

Removed Features

04m 26s

Chapter: New Operators And Functions

Comparing Values With The Spaceship Operator

06m 10s

Substituting Unset Values With The Null Coalesce Operator

05m 29s

Unicode Codepoint Escape Syntax

04m 23s

Integer Division

05m 11s

Generating Random Bytes

01m 44s

Generating Random Numbers

01m 56s

Multiple Callbacks With preg_replace_callback_array

07m 51s

Chapter: Type Checking

Return Type Declarations - Compound Types

07m 3s

Introduction To Scalar Type Hinting

03m 41s

Scalar Return Type Declarations

04m 57s

Scalar Parameter Declarations

04m 51s

Combining Scalar Parameter And Return Type Declarations

07m 17s

Effect Of Strict Mode On Built-In Functions

04m 18s

Using Scalar Type Hints With User Input

03m 36s

Scalar Type Hinting - Review

03m 41s

Chapter: Classes And Generators

Anonymous Classes

07m 35s

Generator Return Expressions

05m 16s

Generator Delegation

05m 36s

Binding To Closures At Call-Time

03m 37s

Grouping Use Declarations

06m 24s

Chapter: Error Handling

Catching Fatal Errors

03m 34s

Throwable Interface

02m 55s

Catching Type And Parse Errors

04m 18s

Reclassification of E_STRICT Errors

07m 8s

New Reserved Words

00m 54s

date.timezone Warning Removed

03m 51s

Multiple Default Cases In Switch Statements

02m 21s

Chapter: Other Miscellaneous Changes

Improve Security Of Unserialize

04m 51s

Preserve Zero Fraction When Encoding As JSON

02m 5s

Using Reserved Words In Classes

02m 24s

Uniform Variable Syntax - Dereferencing

05m 7s

Uniform Variable Syntax - Variable Variables

08m 50s

Using Assertions For Debugging

05m 27s

Chapter: Conclusion

PHP 7 Assessed

02m 56s