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Table of Contents

Chapter: Understanding the Basics

Course Overview

04m 15s

Taking the First Steps

08m 50s

Using Kali Linux

05m 21s

Chapter: Security Vulnerabilities – A Website's Worst Case Scenario

Basic SQL Injection

07m 55s

sqlmap Part 1

07m 56s

sqlmap Part 2

09m 10s

Types of Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

04m 21s

Working with XSSER

06m 50s

Filtering and Validation

07m 50s

Chapter: Securing Your Files – No File Is Safe

Local and Remote File Inclusion

06m 39s


04m 17s

Directory Traversal

04m 9s

Chapter: Avoiding Forced Attacks

Hash Brute-forcing

04m 25s


09m 29s

Form Brute-forcing

07m 30s


07m 24s

Chapter: New Tools in the Arsenal

Introduction to Vulnerability Scanners

08m 24s

Open Redirects and Open Proxies

06m 6s

Remote Command Execution (RCE)

06m 24s

Information Disclosure

05m 26s

Tampering Data in Packets

04m 42s

Chapter: Silent Manipulation with CSRF

What Is CSRF?

04m 10s

CSRF Tester Tool

08m 33s

Tokens and the Same-origin Policy

07m 11s

Chapter: Extra Measures for the Shop


06m 32s

Two-factor Authentication

03m 57s

Weak Passwords and Phishing

05m 47s


06m 26s

Wrapping Up

04m 43s