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Table of Contents

Chapter: Building Blocks 1 – Noninteractive, Reusable Charts

Course Overview

04m 15s

Creating a Bar Chart with SVGs

04m 1s

Creating a D3 Bar Chart

06m 13s

Creating a D3 Line Chart

03m 30s

Creating a D3 Scatterplot

03m 13s

Chapter: Building Blocks 2 – Adding Scales, Axes, and Labels

Adding Simple Labels

02m 37s

Creating Tooltips for Your Visualization

03m 31s

Utilizing D3 Scales

05m 33s

Adding Axes

05m 27s

Chapter: Responsive Visual Strategies

Defining Responsive and Mobile-first Design

05m 30s

Using Media Queries and Addressing Breakpoints

08m 26s

Choosing a Visualization Style Based on the Media Type

03m 41s

Matching the Chart Size with the Container Size

04m 42s

Scaling All Visualization Elements Based on Container Size

03m 32s

Chapter: Building Blocks 3 – External Data Sources

Integrating CSV Data

08m 8s

Getting Data from JSON

03m 2s

Building a Map with GeoJSON

06m 38s

Chapter: Building Blocks 4 – Interactivity

Using Transitions

04m 36s

Filtering Data

04m 6s

D3 Layouts

08m 32s

Chapter: Mapping with GeoJSON

Setting Up the Basemap

05m 11s


03m 35s

Adding Tooltips and Legends to Our Map

03m 37s

Chapter: Making it Mobile-First

Drawing Maps According to Screen Size

04m 48s

Throwing in Bootstrap

04m 59s

Integrating Pym into Your Visualization

03m 17s

Chapter: Moving Forward

Recapping What We’ve Covered

02m 18s

What to Read and Whom to Follow

01m 12s