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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome

Course Overview

02m 36s

The Android Developer Web Site

07m 6s

Chapter: Tools and Technologies

Android Design Guidelines and Developer Docs

09m 39s

Android Studio

04m 4s

Chapter: A "Hello, World" Application

Starting a New Android Application

11m 8s

A Blank Activity And Associated Layout

09m 12s

Gradle Build Files for Android

11m 15s

The Manifest, Layout, and String Resources

09m 38s

The AVD Manager

09m 8s

Chapter: Adding Functionality

Changing Themes and Adding Widgets

10m 47s

Updating our Activity Subclass

13m 35s

Chapter: Understanding Activities

The Activity Lifecycle

17m 2s

Chapter: Providing Alternative Resources

The "res" Directories

21m 0s

Changing Keyboards

09m 11s

Chapter: Intents and Saving State


19m 11s

Removing Hard-Coded Strings from Java

05m 37s

Saving Activity State

08m 9s

Chapter: Working with Persistent Data

Storage Options

12m 38s

Using SQLite

21m 47s

List Adapters

09m 50s

Responding to Clicks and the Android Debug Bridge

08m 18s

Chapter: Accessing a RESTful Web Service

Asynchronous Tasks

17m 22s

Spring for Android

12m 30s

Accessing the Service

14m 17s

Action Bar

11m 56s


11m 30s

Chapter: Summary

Course Review

03m 46s