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Table of Contents

Chapter: Review

Review of Previous Course

16m 31s

Activities and Intents

13m 16s

Persistent State

12m 14s

Chapter: Interactive Lists

Making a ListView Responsive

08m 51s

Chapter: Alert Dialogs

Creating an AlertDialog

15m 44s

Configuring Dialog Buttons - Part 1

07m 46s

Configuring Dialog Buttons - Part 2

13m 2s

Chapter: Accessing a Web Service

AsyncTask and ActionBars

09m 16s

Chapter: Action Bar Capabilities

Using a Preferences Fragment

08m 17s

Chapter: Implicit Intents


17m 43s

Receiving an Intent

14m 52s

Chapter: Handlers

Adding a Repeat Handler

10m 13s

Chapter: Fragments, For Real This Time

A Master/Detail Application

10m 51s

Displaying a Detail Fragment

10m 18s

Using a List Fragment

06m 19s

Communicating with the Activity

10m 1s

Switching Displays Between Portrait and Landscape Mode

13m 27s

Chapter: Notifications

Using a NotificationBuilder

18m 15s

Chapter: Services

IntentService: the Easy Way

23m 55s

Bound Services

15m 30s

Chapter: Deployment

Deploying an App

14m 59s