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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Stop Beating Your People With Carrots

07m 24s

From Theory to Practice: Putting the Science to Work

04m 30s

Two Stupid Questions

09m 58s

Chapter: The Motivation Dilemma

The Motivation Dilemma

10m 27s

A Spectrum of Motivation

04m 3s

Motivation Junk Food

05m 59s

Motivation Health Food

05m 33s

Motivation Mini Case Study: Himesh's Story

07m 45s

Chapter: What Motivates People

What Motivates People: The Real Story

03m 43s

Our Psychological Need for Autonomy

08m 0s

Our Psychological Need for Relatedness

09m 52s

Our Psychological Need for Competence

04m 21s

The ARC Domino Effect

09m 35s

Motivation Mini Case Study: The Art of Schmoozing

06m 55s

Chapter: The Danger of Drive

The Danger of Drive

07m 51s

The MVPs of Self-Regulation

11m 43s

The M in MVPs of Self-Regulation: Mindfulness

10m 1s

The V in MVPs of Self-Regulation: Values

04m 35s

The P in MVPs of Self-Regulation: Purpose

06m 1s

Motivation Mini Case Study: Mohammaden

08m 21s

Chapter: Motivation is a Skill

Motivation is a Skill

05m 42s

Skill 1 - Identify: Step 1 - Describe Motivational Challenge

02m 54s

Skill 1 - Identify: Step 2 - Examine Psychological Needs

05m 20s

Skill 1 - Identify: Step 3 - Motivational Outlook

07m 4s

Skill 2 - Shift: Step 1

06m 2s

Skill 2 - Shift: Step 2 - Self-Regulation

05m 47s

Skill 2 - Shift: Step 3 - Mindfulness

06m 25s

Skill 2 - Shift: Step 3 - Align With Values

05m 28s

Skill 2 - Shift: Step 3 - Connect to Purpose

10m 24s

Skill 3 - Reflect

02m 48s

Skill 3 - Reflect: Examine Well-Being Through Feelings

05m 4s

Skill 3 - Reflect & Reframe

06m 40s

Motivation Mini Case Study: Leader Heal Thyself

04m 29s

Chapter: Making Shift Happen

Making Shift Happen

12m 40s

Motivational Outlook Conversations

07m 9s

Shift with Mindfulness

10m 33s

Shift with Values

08m 27s

Shift with Purpose

03m 8s

Motivation Mini Case Study: Walter's Story

03m 6s

The Promise of Optimal Motivation

08m 20s