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Table of Contents

Chapter: Asset Security - Introduction


02m 18s

Chapter: The Information Lifecycle

Information Lifecycle

09m 38s

Information Assets

08m 26s

Location Of Information Assets

08m 23s

Access Control And CIA

10m 13s


02m 24s

Chapter: Roles And Responsibilities

Senior Management

06m 40s

Security Professional

06m 0s

Data Owner, System Custodian, And User

08m 25s

Third Party Service Providers

06m 45s

Chapter: Data Classification

Data Classification - Part 1

06m 13s

Data Classification - Part 2

06m 57s

The Data Classification Process

08m 34s


07m 6s

Asset Value And Criteria

08m 49s


06m 35s


06m 39s


09m 30s

Monitoring And Training

07m 31s

Chapter: Data Retention

Data Retention - Part 1

09m 47s

Data Retention - Part 2

04m 30s

Chapter: Security Controls

ATP - Part 1

10m 15s

ATP - Part 2

06m 58s

ATP - Part 3

12m 17s

Baselines - Part 1

07m 43s

Baselines - Part 2

11m 8s

Baselines - Part 3

03m 44s

Configuration Management - Part 1

08m 41s

Configuration Management - Part 2

08m 42s

Configuration Management - Part 3

09m 49s

Data And Media Handling

08m 8s

Data Remanence

08m 31s

Secure Deletion - Part 1

06m 37s

Secure Deletion - Part 2

09m 0s

Chapter: Wrap Up


04m 41s