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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Why Would You Use Microservices?

01m 37s

What are Microservices?

05m 21s

What are the Advantages of Microservices?

11m 57s

What are the Disadvantages of Microservices?

10m 39s

Chapter: Principles Of Microservices

Introducing The Principles Of Microservices

05m 34s

Principle 1 - Modelled Around Business Domain

08m 10s

Principle 2 - Culture Of Automation

15m 11s

Principle 3 - Hide Implementation Details

12m 20s

Principle 4 - Decentralize All The Things

17m 55s

Principle 5 - Deploy Independently

18m 10s

Principle 6 - Consumer First

14m 25s

Principle 7 - Isolate Failure

13m 27s

Principle 8 - Highly Observable

20m 15s

Chapter: Closing

When Should You Use Microservices?

06m 49s


03m 34s