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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


02m 22s

Chapter: The Why and Who

Diagrams Don't Compile

15m 7s

But Which Diagrams?

06m 8s

Does UML Matter?

04m 17s

Chapter: The Case Study


06m 42s

Quality Attributes

06m 50s

Context Diagrams

11m 6s

Component Diagrams

08m 4s

Deployment Diagrams

10m 59s

Sequence Diagrams

07m 40s

Data Models

10m 29s

Security Diagrams

08m 20s

Disaster Recovery

10m 0s

Conceptual Architecture Diagrams

06m 19s

Stakeholder Management

14m 18s

A Sample Process

22m 36s

Constructive Criticism

06m 30s