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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Overview And About The Author

07m 16s

HTML And Web Pages

05m 48s

JavaScript And jQuery

05m 31s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: jQuery

JavaScript, jQuery And Selectors

05m 22s

Modifying The Page

06m 37s

Chapter: The DOM

Building The DOM

04m 29s

The DOM And Events

04m 53s

The Observer Pattern

06m 20s

Chapter: The Model-View-Controller Pattern

Introduction To MVC

06m 39s

Benefits Of MVC

07m 14s

Review And Outline

04m 55s

Chapter: AngularJS

Why AngularJS?

07m 28s

Some Syntax And Data Binding

06m 23s

Controller Syntax

07m 38s

The ng-model Attribute And Form Validation

07m 54s

Controllers And Functions

07m 12s

Controllers, Setters And Getters

06m 55s

Controllers, Scope And Visibility

08m 58s

Controllers And Data

05m 24s


07m 16s

ng-repeat And Filters

06m 44s

Example Using Google Maps - Part 1

06m 33s

Example Using Google Maps - Part 2

07m 33s


06m 26s

Chapter: MVC With A Server

Introduction To Server Interaction

04m 58s


05m 6s

Retrofitting The Example

05m 17s

Getting Some REST

07m 3s

Updating The Example

04m 11s


07m 51s

Communications-Layer Issues

09m 20s

Chapter: Conclusion

MVC Beyond The Web Site - Mobile Apps

08m 44s

Resources And Where to Go From Here

05m 27s

Wrap Up

06m 25s