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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Modern Linux System Administration

  2. Chapter 2 Networking Essentials for a System Administrator

  3. Chapter 3 Scalability, Web Applications, Web Services, and Microservices

  4. Chapter 4 Server Virtualization and Linux Containers

  5. Chapter 5 Working with Docker Containers

  6. Chapter 6 Automating Server Deployment and Managing Development Environments

  7. Chapter 7 Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management and Orchestration Tools

  8. Chapter 8 Version Control and Source Code Management

  9. Chapter 9 Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment

  10. Chapter 10 Centralized Log Management and Analysis, and Handling Stream Data

  11. Chapter 11 System Monitoring, Event Processing, and Tracking Application Performance

  12. Chapter 12 Enterprise Infrastructure-as-a-Service Using Openstack

  13. Chapter 13 Cloud System Administration – A Crash Course on Managing Amazon Web Services (and the Google Cloud Platform)

  14. Chapter 14 Big Data, Data Science, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Mesos

  15. Chapter 15 Security and Compliance in the Modern Systems Environment

  16. Chapter 16 New Computing Environments, Reliability Engineering and Modern Linux Performance Tuning