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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


04m 17s

Chapter: Strategy and Research

Introduction to Strategy and Research

01m 26s

The Role of Mobile

13m 13s

The New Mobile Context for Users

08m 2s

Tools of the Trade

15m 16s

Understanding Device Usage and Context

09m 20s

Synthesis and Analysis

13m 56s

Chapter: Design

Introduction to Design

03m 35s

Crafting Your Mobile Design Approach

08m 34s

Information Architecture

12m 40s


16m 43s

User Interface

42m 35s

Chapter: Usability Testing

Introduction to Usability Testing

02m 5s

Designing Your Test for Mobile

23m 41s

Conducting Effective Mobile Usability Testing

24m 46s

Synthesis and Analysis

23m 12s

Chapter: Presenting Your Work

Presenting Your Work

12m 33s

Best Practices

07m 25s

Making the Right Compromises

12m 53s

Chapter: Conclusion


05m 4s