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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


03m 1s

About The Author

01m 24s

What Is JavaScript A History

04m 41s

JavaScript On The Web Overview

02m 34s

JavaScript As A Web Server

02m 24s

JavaScript In Desktop Applications Overview

03m 39s

JavaScript In The Real World

02m 48s

Course Preview

05m 10s

Chapter: JavaScript in Websites

What Is a Website And Do I Need JavaScript?

03m 13s

What Can JavaScript Do?

01m 53s

What Are Chrome Dev Tools?

00m 55s

Dev Tools - Demonstration

03m 24s

JavaScript Authoring

01m 49s

JavaScript Authoring - Demonstration

03m 45s

JavaScript Libraries And Frameworks

02m 50s

Introduction To JQuery

01m 7s

JQuery Demo

02m 54s

Introduction To Angular

02m 32s

Modern Website Structure

03m 12s

Case Study - Twitter

04m 7s

Chapter: JavaScript In Web Applications

What Is A Web Application?

02m 30s

Introduction To Node

02m 55s

A History Of Node

03m 23s

Understanding NPM And Bower

03m 52s

NPM - Demonstration

03m 35s

Bower - Demonstration

02m 59s

What Is Express?

02m 2s

Express - Demonstration

06m 7s

Case Study - Paypal

02m 42s

Task Automation

02m 31s

Automation - Demonstration

05m 46s

Chapter: JavaScript Everywhere

JavaScript Beyond The Internet

03m 20s

What Is Home Automation?

02m 43s

What Is A Microcontroller?

02m 25s

Home Automation With JavaScript

02m 29s

Case Study - Nest

02m 3s

Cross Platform Apps With Unity

02m 23s

What Is A Robot?

03m 1s

JavaScript And Robotics

02m 39s

Case Study - Johnny Five

02m 53s

JavaScript Apps With Winjs

02m 19s

More Ways to Make Desktop Apps

01m 10s

Chapter: Conclusion

Review Of JavaScript In Websites

01m 38s

JavaScript Web Apps Review

02m 5s

JavaScript Everywhere Review

01m 5s

Closing Thoughts

02m 37s

Continuing Your Education

05m 38s

Things To Learn

02m 8s

Thank You

01m 5s