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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

02m 10s

About The Author

01m 19s

Chapter: Setting Up Environment

Installing The Jupyter Notebook And Setup

05m 33s

Setting Up Git And GitHub Account

02m 37s

Chapter: Jupyter Notebook Features

Standard Browser Use

04m 23s

Installing Notebook Extensions

05m 53s

More On Notebook Extensions

04m 17s

SQL Magic And Pandas

05m 18s

Conda Environments

06m 13s

R In Jupyter Notebook

07m 0s

Autocreate Documents In HTML Or PDF

06m 49s

Interactive Widgets

05m 39s

Bleeding Edge - JupyterHub

04m 21s

Chapter: Sharing Notebooks With A Team

Organizing A Workflow

03m 4s

Lab Vs. Deliverable Notebook

04m 53s

Directory Structure And Naming Conventions

01m 43s

Version Control

06m 15s

Chapter: Project - Data Science With The Notebook End-To-End Example

Get Data

00m 57s

Load The Data

03m 52s

Initial Data Cleaning

03m 26s

Creating A New Github Repository

01m 26s

Version Control

04m 38s

Exploratory Data Analysis - Regression Plotting

06m 51s

Exploratory Data Analysis - Variable Transformations

04m 58s

Git Branch Store Data Cleaned Pipeline

05m 45s

Feature Engineering

07m 39s

Random Forest Prediction And Evaluation

10m 19s

Final Analysis Cleanup

13m 1s

Pull Request, Peer Review, And Merge With Master

07m 43s

Chapter: Project - Data Science: Statistics And Data Visualizations

Initial Data Visualization

06m 30s

Advanced Pandas Plotting

07m 46s

Advanced Seaborn Plotting

09m 45s

Statsmodels Analysis - Part 1

09m 26s

Statsmodels Analysis - Part 2

08m 19s

Chapter: Conclusion

Resources And Where To Go From Here

03m 5s