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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

03m 30s

About The Author

01m 1s

Surveying The Existing Plugin Landscape

04m 34s

Creating A Theme VS A Plugin

02m 22s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Ready

Setting Up A Local Web Server With MAMP

04m 37s

Setting Up WordPress On MAMP

03m 43s

Setting Up A Local Web Server With DesktopServer

05m 48s

Why And How To Use An IDE

05m 11s

Setting Up The PhpStorm IDE For WordPress Development

03m 36s

Optional: Configuring Xdebug And Connecting It To PhpStorm

05m 54s

Finding And Using Online And Offline Documentation

05m 30s

A Small Grab Bag Of Developer Tips

06m 56s

Chapter: Highlights Of The WordPress API

Hooks, Actions, And Filters: A Developer's Interface With WordPress

04m 9s

Storing Data: Posts Or A Custom Database Table?

04m 28s

Plugin Security: Authentication, Sanitizing, Escaping, And Nonces

07m 12s

Chapter: Our First Plugin: A Dashboard Banner

Make A Plan And Mock It Up

03m 41s

Create The Plugin Shell

04m 10s

Find The Right Hooks

05m 35s

Implementing The Hook We Found

04m 58s

Refactoring The Plugin As A Class

06m 12s

Adding CSS And/Or Javascript

05m 21s

Chapter: Our Second Plugin: Movie Reviews

Make A Plan: The Data Model

02m 24s

Register The Custom Post Type

05m 6s

Set Configuration Options For The Custom Post Type

06m 46s

Add Activation And Deactivation Hooks

04m 56s

Create Custom Fields Using Core WordPress

03m 57s

Interface With Another Plugin For Better Custom Fields

07m 49s

Add A Taxonomy For Custom Categories

06m 7s

Provide A Template For Themes

06m 44s

Chapter: Further Enhancements For Our Plugin

Create A Widget For The Custom Posts

05m 2s

Finish The Custom Widget

08m 43s

Create An Options Page For Settings

05m 14s

Register Settings And Sections

05m 59s

Create The User Interface For The Custom Options

06m 57s

Sanitize And Use The Options

03m 48s

Add Your Own Hooks To Your Plugin

06m 35s

Make Your Plugin Ready For Internationalization

07m 23s

Prepare Your Plugin For Localization

03m 25s

Chapter: Additional Plugin Possibilities

Expand The Possibilities Of WordPress With The REST API

05m 42s

Use Transients To Cache Expensive Operations

05m 23s

Implement The Transients API

03m 35s

Create Custom Data Using The $wpdb Class

08m 37s

React To Deactivation And Uninstallation Of Your Plugin

08m 29s

Chapter: Distributing Your Plugin

Submitting To The Plugin Directory

05m 18s

Publishing Independently On Github

04m 8s

Ideas For Commercializing Your Plugin

04m 33s

Chapter: Conclusion

Additional Resources And How To Contribute

02m 44s

Wrap Up

00m 39s