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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Overview

About This Course

10m 54s

About The Instructor

07m 7s

Course Sittings

07m 6s

At The End Of This Course

06m 59s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Tooling

Initializing Amazon Web Services

07m 56s

Using Cloudera Director To Spin Up A Test Cluster

09m 24s

Crash Course In Cloudera Manager

17m 4s

Chapter: Hadoop Insecurities

Permissions And Encryption

09m 28s

Where Permissions Stop

04m 30s

Hive: Transform Harmful

06m 58s

Chapter: Authentication With MIT Kerberos

Installing MIT Kerberos

08m 56s

Enabling Kerberos Authentication

06m 53s

Using MIT Kerberos

04m 28s

Submitting Jobs And Running Queries With Kerberos Auth

06m 48s

Chapter: Authentication With Active Directory

Installing An AD Server

06m 30s

Preparing AD Server For Hadoop

03m 45s

Impala LDAP Authentication With Active Directory

07m 36s

Using Hue With Active Directory

09m 10s

Preparing Cluster With Kerberos Authentication

04m 40s

Running The CM Wizard

03m 54s

Using Kerberos

06m 5s

Sharing Kerberos Tickets With Active Directory

07m 55s

Chapter: Authorization

No Authorization

02m 3s

Enabling Sentry Authorization

05m 56s

Using Sentry - Defining Roles

07m 16s

Using Sentry - Querying With Hue

05m 29s

Custom Code And Hive UDFs With Sentry

03m 51s

HDFS Extended ACLs

05m 16s

HDFS Sentry Sync

02m 13s

Sentry Authentication With Solr - Part 1

06m 1s

Sentry Authentication With Solr - Part 2

04m 18s

Chapter: Encryption

Creating An HDFS Encryption Zone

05m 27s

Using HDFS Encryption Zones

02m 36s

SSL: Crash Course In SSL Tools

08m 40s

SSL: Preparing A Cluster For SSL Using A Self-Signed Root CA

04m 26s

SSL: Enabling SSL For HDFS And Yarn

03m 45s

SSL: Verifying SSL With HDFS And Yarn

02m 52s

SASL Hive And HiveServer2

02m 40s

SSL With HBase And Oozie

01m 56s

SSL With Impala

01m 33s

SSL With Hue

05m 28s

Chapter: Developer Topics

UserGroupInformation Basics

09m 45s

Delegation Tokens

03m 53s

Secure Impersonation

08m 55s

Chapter: Administrator Topics

Role Assignments And Gateway Isolation

12m 28s

Hbase ACLs

05m 15s


06m 18s


04m 50s

Joining An AD Domain

11m 31s

Chapter: Secure Hadoop Topics

The Secure Hadoop Market

05m 3s


05m 51s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

04m 40s