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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started With Rails And React

Architectural Overview

10m 49s

Scaffolding The Ruby On Rails Application

08m 15s

Setting Up The Model Layer

07m 42s

Defining Our Views

09m 55s

Defining Rails Routes

02m 46s

Our First React Component

07m 9s

Preparing JSon Data For React

06m 40s

Rendering Ruby Models In React

05m 57s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Introduction To The Flux Application Pattern

Architectural Overview Of Flux

06m 49s

A Simple Flux Store - Part 1

05m 10s

A Simple Flux Store - Part 2

08m 9s

Integrating Flux Into React Components

08m 59s

Introducing ES6 With Ruby On Rails

03m 59s

Migrating Flux Javascript To Flux ES6

08m 47s

ES6 Module Loading - Part 1

08m 8s

ES6 Module Loading - Part 2

10m 31s

Chapter: Finalizing The Flux Architecture

Introducing Reacts Notion Of Context

05m 9s

Migrating React Components To ES6

07m 47s

Making React Components Context-Aware

04m 10s

React Forms With Flux

10m 15s

Leveraging Action Creators With Context

05m 27s

Reading Server Data

05m 31s

Sending Server Data

12m 47s

Working With Promises

03m 47s

Chapter: Complex UI Interactions In Flux

Nesting Components

05m 50s

Component Trees

05m 58s

Improving Component Styles

09m 7s

Incorporating Bi-Directional Data Flow

05m 29s

Reviewing Concepts By Example - Implementing Ranking

09m 44s

Reviewing Concepts By Example - Implementing Ordering

09m 54s

Chapter: Real-Time

Real-Time Overview

04m 32s

Implementing Long Polling

04m 32s

Chapter: Isomorphic Flux - Configuring NodeJS

Refactoring For Isomorphic Code

05m 57s

Setting Up Webpack With Rails

07m 43s

Overview Of Node Dependencies

07m 59s

Moving Sprockets Code To Webpack

05m 59s

Bridging Rails And Webpack - Part 1

06m 25s

Bridging Rails And Webpack - Part 2

11m 0s

Chapter: Isomorphic Flux - Configuring Rails

Architectural Review

01m 13s

Bundling Processes With Foreman

02m 19s

Writing A Component Rendering Server

03m 46s

Finishing The Isomorphic Spike

07m 5s

Adding Support For Isomorphic And Non-Isomorphic Rails Configurations

02m 13s

Chapter: Automated Testing

Setting Up Rspec

04m 14s

Using Code Coverage

03m 59s

Writing Model Specs

09m 41s

Writing Browser-Based Specs

05m 51s

Testing Flux With Rspec

08m 4s

Completing Ruby Code Coverage

07m 2s

Chapter: A Look At Another Flux Implementation

Flux Fringes With Redux

02m 37s

Redux Container And Middleware

03m 46s

Reduxs Take On Action Creators

04m 8s

Redux React Components

05m 52s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 46s