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Table of Contents

Chapter: Before We Begin

What Will I Be Able To Do At The End Of This Course?

06m 50s

Powerpoint 2016 Interface And Ribbons

04m 44s

About The Author

01m 23s

Using The Included Working Files

02m 20s

Do I Need A Microsoft Account?

03m 37s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Presentation Creation

Creating A New Presentation And Exploring Save Options

07m 25s

Opening Closing And Working With Multiple Presentations

05m 25s

Screen Layout Options And Zooming

03m 55s

Slide Layouts

04m 9s

Adding Slides And Text Content Onto Slides

05m 24s

Spellchecking A Presentation

04m 57s

Changing Slide Layout On Existing Slides

04m 48s

Chapter: Design Slides

Using The Built In Themes

06m 25s

Choosing Font Typeface, Size, And Color

06m 5s

Mastering Your Bullet Points

06m 20s

Paragraph Formatting

04m 38s

Superscript, Subscript, Strikethrough, And Case Changes

05m 45s

Controlling Autocorrect Options In Powerpoint

08m 42s

Chapter: Charts And Graphs

Adding And Removing Charts

05m 15s

Editing The Charts Data

04m 48s

Changing The Chart Type

04m 49s

Altering Chart Layout, Colors, And Styles

05m 33s

Controlling Chart Layout Options

07m 34s

Formatting Charts And Adding Shapes

06m 58s

Pie Charts - A Special Case

08m 26s

Swapping The Series And Categories

02m 51s

Chapter: Organization Charts

Adding A Slide With Organization Chart

04m 56s

Adding And Removing Boxes And People

05m 16s

Changing The Design And Colors Of The Chart

04m 52s

Formatting Individual People In The Chart

06m 37s

Chapter: WordArt, Shapes, SmartArt, And Images

Inserting And Resizing Images

06m 10s

Adding Shapes

05m 43s

SmartArt Graphics

05m 23s


04m 12s

Move, Resize, Reorder, Align, Multiple, Objects

07m 54s

Image Enhancement Tools

06m 23s

Using Video In Presentations

06m 33s

Chapter: Managing And Running The Presentation

Managing Your Slides In Slide Sorter View

06m 5s

Running Your Presentation

04m 49s

Draw On A Slide During A Slideshow

03m 39s

The New Presenter View

03m 4s

Running A Slideshow Automatically

05m 32s

Adding Narration To A Slideshow

05m 20s

Adding Background Music

05m 7s

Creating And Using A Custom Show

04m 41s

Using The File Format PPSX

03m 6s

Chapter: Animation

Adding Slide Transition Effects

05m 28s

Adding An Animation Effect To An Object

07m 55s

Managing Your Animations In The Animation Pane

08m 38s

Animating Graphs And Organization Charts

06m 46s

Adding An Exit Animation

05m 34s

Emphasis Effect And Motion Paths In Action

08m 13s

Chapter: Master Views

Accessing The Master Slides

04m 5s

Changing Slide Background Colors Or Images

06m 31s

Formatting Text And Adding A Company Logo

05m 54s

Including A Footer, Date, And Slide Number

05m 30s

Animating Slide Masters

04m 7s

Create Your Own Master Slide

05m 45s

Using The Handout And The Notes Masters

05m 21s

Chapter: Templates

Using A Microsoft Supplied Template

04m 43s

Designing Saving And Using Your Own Template

05m 20s

Chapter: Printing

Printing Your Slides Or Slide Text Content

07m 25s

Printing Handouts And Notes

05m 14s

Chapter: The End

Sharing Your Presentation With Others Online

03m 38s

Recap And Look Forward

08m 1s